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June 07, 2009


I hope you were kidding about Dollywood, because you can't get from Nashville to Dollywood and back very easily in a day. And you can especially not do Dollywood and Jack Daniels.

Take the kids to the fountain in Bicentennial park or to Dragon Park. Free and no four hour car rides.

There seems to be a lot of gelato on your agenda.

I think I might need to add more gelato to mine, honestly. Nothing like rosemary honey goatsmilk to make your day a little brighter.


It's conversion time already? Congrats, girl! I'm so happy for you!

Forgot to add: Mazel Tov!

(totally kidding about both dollywood and jack daniel's. suckaaaa!)

(but do you have a gun I can borrow? for the drinking?)

(kidding again. ha!)

Whew. I should have figured you were kidding.

But don't worry about the gun. We now issue them to everyone at the airport.

Sunday#1: hahahahahahah!

Monday#2: Oh, good lord. What, pray tell, is the tortured reasoning behind this legislative insanity?

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday#1: One can never have too much gelato.

I think it's a hike from your 'hood, but a new Capogiro opened in University City, and they have a liquor license. I hear tell they are hard at work creating magnificent combinations of high-proof beverages and gelato. Also, they are open ridiculously late at night. Booze + gelato not only appropriate for religious celebrations, but anytime fun!

It isn't gelato, but while you are working hard at that house finding in Nashville, go get a popscicle at Las Paletas (in the 12 South neighborhood which you might like anyway). Pretty much THEE best fruity frozen goodness ever. http://www.wheresthesign.com/

The area around Vandy is awesome - you'll adore the houses, and nary a Confederate flag or a meth lab to be seen. ;)

Check out Belmont Weekday School for Sophia. It's about 2 blocks from Vandy and my 3rd kid went there for preschool. (A million years ago, but still.) Wonderful experience. It's connected to the Belmont Methodist Church, but don't let the Methodist part scare you. We're Catholic and they couldn't have cared less. It's a very diverse group of kids. Not religious-y at all, just a great program.

Be very afraid of the 5 million CMA fans. We hunker down for a week and try to wait it out. Although we MIGHT have been known to cruise the streets of downtown during the evenings in years past to enjoy the most exquisite people watching in the history of Spandex.

Mazel Tov!

Laura, that IS my hood! And the place I had my gelato yesterday...

and thanks for the tip, gina!

Is it Nashville time already?? The Vandy area is nice. Downtown you generally don't see confederate flags! They save those for the area I live in up near the Kentucky border. You'll be very close to a fairly decent local music scene. The End and The Exit/In are both very close. I love them both. Also, you'll be close to one of my favorite places to go in Nashville. Cafe Coco. I don't know why I like it so much. Just a little coffee shop. I've never lived downtown so I couldn't tell you of any good preschools in the area. I visit downtown, but am more of a burbs person. Oh, and Nashville Airport is sucky because they charge for their WIFI. At least they still did the last time I flew which was around 6 months ago. The airport is nice though. They've been remodeling.

A great place for lunch is Woodlands (South Indian Vegetarian). Delicious buffet. Family friendly. My parents live in Franklin and I always eat there at least once when I visit. Feeding the ducks bread at Centennial Park was very entertaining for my nearly 3 yr old.

Congratulations, Mazel Tov and Felicidades on your dunking.

Also on your anniversary.

Also on your very brilliant post about George Tiller's murder. This is the best thing I've read on that. I hadn't thought about it this way.

Wait, Namita? The same Namita? I remember you!

Thanks, all, for the food suggestions! Will update post-mikveh -- I still don't know which way Sophia's going to go. We alternate between voluntary face-in-water activities in bath and insisting on wearing bathing suit in the mikveh (i.e., no go).

Dollywood is meh, don't go! Well ok, it's been 20 years since I was there. But I remember: meh. Not nearly as awesome as Dolly herself.

Have fun in Nashvegas! If you need to know great coffee shops or any tips of places to go/eat/drink in Nashville you should call my sister. She loves to stay caffinated and is a great tour guide.

Lesley, I am ALL OVER that.

Yup, same Namita. Now with a toddler :) I have much to tell you. Please send me your new email address. I have no idea how to send you email.

Namita, go to my ABOUT link at the top of the page -- there's an email link in there!

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