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June 10, 2009


You are far kinder than my parents were. I was in that window you allude to, but my sister was about Sophia's age. My dad went in with her (in his trunks) and held her, reassuring her, and then just dropped her. Surprised it didn't completely traumatize her for the rest of her life. Actually, it might explain a lot about her now...

Also, I don't recall having to dunk three times. I know my mom did, but for some reason us kids only went under once. At least that's my recollection from when I was seven. (And it was an Orthodox conversion.)

Yeah, they said kids can do once if needed -- three if possible.

It's so weird, I had no idea that there were mikvehs all over the country! And converts are popping up everywhere...

Hurray, Jo! A very hearty mazel tov to the Leery Polyps!

(Have you seen the photo series at http://www.mikvahproject.com/?)

Mazal Tov Jo! I'm so happy for you and the family. I'm glad the Mikvah was a pretty good experience.

Yes to the repair the world thing. That little phrase just never gets old for me.

Congrats again!!!

And some quick thinking with the hair dryer...impressive. That needs to be on "Hints for Heloise": How to avoid contaminating the mikvah.

Congratulations, Jo!

I had no idea that going under three times was part of the Jewish tradition. If I'd been asked, I would have guessed that it was a Catholic/general Christian thing, to represent the Trinity... but there is nothing new under the sun, and certainly very, very little in the Catholic tradition that didn't come from older religions.

Mazal Tov!!! and welcome to the tribe. May all your bagels be crispy, your chicken soup steamy and the guilt long and unending!!

Congrats!! Welcome to the Tribe!

Oh mazel tov, Jo! I am so happy to see people converting to Judaism; it is a beautiful tradition.

Heh, have you ever seen the Big Lebowski? If not, check it out; Walter's commentary on Judaism is hilarious.

Mazel Tov! I've been following your accounts of your conversion with great interest, as it's a path I'm considering for myself. You sound so very happy to have found the community and history that you wanted. I'm so happy for you and your family!

Mazal tov to you, I'm so happy you have completed this and proud to count you as a MOT! Even on American Anti-Semitism Day!

May you go from strength to strength. And not so much falling and scraping.

Mazal tov! To quote from Ariella's suggestion above, you've joined "Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy Koufax."

Mazal tov! and welcome home.

Beautiful, funny...thank you for sharing. It is pretty awesome to get to see someone find what they want to believe and do the work to live accordingly. I keep saying that regardless of the "truth", I can't help but feel that what will be honored in the ed is deciding what one beliees, "true" or not, and doing the work to hold oneself to it. What a beautiful example for your girls :)
Congrats !


Yasher ko'ach and mazel tov to you and your beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing.

Congratulations! Sorry about the fall...that sucks! Glad you were able to get the wound "dry". BTW, white men certainly do know what it's like to be discriminated against. Discrimination knows no bounds. :)

i can't tell you how many times i think i've left you a comment, only to come back and realize i must have forgotten to do the security thing...

anyway, big congrats jo!

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