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July 19, 2009


Jo, I bet you dont need to pick the specialty right away. Dont you do some fundamental type stuff the first year? I am doing LPN and we have done tons of different stuff and its been good to see the variety. However they wont let us try palliative care, thats reserved for people with "experience." And but yes: Life, Death, connected.

The way their program works is that you apply to the specialty -- everybody does the same thing for the first year, but then you branch off. However, you have to know what you want pretty much out of the gate. Hmph!

Wow - that's a lot of pressure! My husband did his second-degree BSN/RN at Hopkins (13 months), during which he did rotations in everything (including hospice - which really is a kind of midwifery). When he applied, he indicated that he wanted to go straight through to the MSN/NP in adult critical care. After he finished the BSN/RN, he decided to go get some experience before becoming an NP, and it is a good thing he did! His first nursing job was in burns, then he did adult bone marrow transplant, then got burned out and got his MSPH in Environmental Health - Now he is an infection control and environmental health and safety nurse for the 40-50 outpatient clinics at a tertiary care hospital and absolutely loves it! He would still like to be an NP and is applying now for Family Nurse Practitioner programs, since most infectious diseases end up in children and the elderly.
So, this was an extremely long way of saying that you can always change your mind about track (esp. after you get the BSN/RN) and even your career - that is one of the best parts about nursing!

She really commented on the razor burn? Really?

BTW, since we're on the topic, I get razor burn so bad in the bikini area (as if I will *ever* in my life wear one, but whatever) that I now use one of those little electric trimmer/shavers. Works like a charm and no spots! TMI?


I want one of those things. Alternately a knee-length bathing costume.

Reminds me of the time my midwife said to me around 28 weeks pregnant "Oh, I see you're getting some stretch marks!". Yes, thank you for pointing that out - it's just what I wanted to think about.

But nursing school, exciting! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures in nursing when you get to that point.

Either Tend Skin or any cream/lotion with salicylic acid in it should do a decent job at preventing razor burn if you apply the stuff IMMEDIATELY after shaving. (I know, yowch. But it works!)

I think that palliative care is on the exact same spectrum as midwifery. It's a minimal intervention, highly personalized, tender care specialty. Midwives help you into the world, hospice/palliative care folks help you out. There is no reason to think it odd to be attracted to both specialties. I am!

It sucks that you can't wait until you have a few clinicals under your belt to decide, though. Or do you? Of course, the lovely thing about nursing is that you can switch specialties fairly easily, so if the one you choose isn't your bag, you can move to another that might just rock your world.

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