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July 14, 2009


I really like to read the comments at songmeanings.net for the same reason. Pretty much every song has a comment along the lines of, "I think this is about a kid that doesn't fit in, and he really likes this popular girl, but she doesn't like him." And, no, it's not nice to make fun, but it does pass the time.

You know, Jo, you're an awesome mama. Seriously. The kind of mama I can't wait to be.

Very nice & true comment on the Larkin poem. Haven't thought about it since using it to indict my in-laws prior to the birth of my child, but now that you've caused me to reconsider, I think you're exactly right.

i like this part of the post:"Reading Philip Larkin's This Be the Verse as a parent is so very different from reading it as a college student. Instead of an brash indictment" is verygood

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