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July 22, 2009


Ah i know what you are talking about
When my cat got stones in bladder our vet said the treated method would be a surgery. It was so damn expensive and probably painful for the cat. Im glad its ok know.

Jo, didn't I warn you about packing up clown farts? No, on second thought, no, I didn't, I warned you about the risk of packing full trash cans.

When I was nursing, I dropped down to my lowest-ever adult weight despite eating like a lumberjack (a red-meat-shunning, sushi-loving lumberjack, you know the type.) But our move last summer pushed my weight several pounds below my previous record low weight, so I'm not surprised to hear that the combination of moving and nursing is making you lose weight even on a Phelpsian diet.

I want to see a biceps picture, if you haven't already packed your USB cords.

Our cat had stones in her bladder too--the surgery cost, and I am not kidding, $1700. One. Seven. Zero. Zero. (Which is, come to think of it, what I paid for my c-section plus private room at the hospital.) Hopefully you won't have to go that route!

I'm not sure by the way you wrote that if you knew where the "permenant fairy" came from. It's from the book Alice the Fairy by David Shannon. It's great.

I mean, maybe you knew that or maybe she came up with it on her own, but it is in the book, and we love it.

Our cat had crystals in his bladder. Paid a fortune for surgery. Found out it was a problem with the cat, not the diet. Did antibiotics through kitty IV. Vet insisted on anesthezing the poor cat. Spent weeks trying to keep him from moving, and not chew on stitches, and eat cat food while wearing a plastic collar. And now we spend a small fortune on special cat food that is supposed to keep the crystals down and make him less fat (not working).

Totally worth it.

Brooke, maybe they read it at preschool!

Go Jo Go!

when i was nursing micah, we were at a friend's house for dinner once, and i had my head down, wolfing the meal -- steak, i recall, and grilled veggies. finally i looked up and everyone was just staring at me. i ate SOOOO much when micah was a baby, and yes, slowly lost weight. enjoy!

when philip was about six or seven months old, I could put away a large pizza and still feel hungry. and lose a pound that very night. things have slowed a bit, which is why I started South Beach, and discovered that I have to eat my weight in vegetables to feel full for an hour at most. Fuggit.

Meanwhile, it's a good thing you're going to stop at mom's on the way, because she is so sad after Tikatu left. She needs some serious baby time. For the first time in his life, he wanted nothing to do with me, except for the nursening. Gwamma Dsanet is his new best friend.

I eat like a truck driver who just finished up an overnight rushhaul from Albuquerque to Dubuque (mostly because I like typing the letter Q). I am also slowing losing weight. The 8-month old (21.25 lbs) is not so fond of the table food I give him (red beans! rice! pears!) so he's down with the ennursening as well. And my in-laws have started couting me as two people when planning how much food to make for a meal. Because it's just that much. Will be very sad when I wean because of the food. And the ice cream! That I can eat now and not worry.

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