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September 04, 2009


Also yawns that don't yawn...I hate that...

Congrats to Daphne on the whole mobility thing!

EEEEEEEEEEE she's (they're) getting so big! daphne's tying shoes! sophia's crawling! wait....

we must talk today. i hope you have some time.

ima punch you in yo' cinnapie.

and exkYOOZ me, but what is wrong with all-classical, all-day? you trying to get me unemployed?

oh man. I remember spacers. they were no fun.

Welcome to the world of adult braces! I've had mine for 4.5 months now, and have something like 23 months left to go...sigh. (Everyone keeps telling me it will go more quickly if I get pregnant. Working on that.)

When the spacers come out, it's freaky/awesome how much room there is in there. (That is, unless they stick something else in there right away...)

Our library has started piping classical, jazz & big band outside the entrance recently. Nora told me this morning that they are playing the music to discourage people from loitering around outside. I asked her if she was saying that the library was trying to DRIVE PEOPLE AWAY with the music, and she said Definitely.

That sounds terrible with the spacers. Reminds me of when I'm driving along in the car and decide to pick my teeth with a folded piece of paper. A tiny bit always rips off between my teeth and it always feels huge even though it's not. No, I;m not sure why I keep doing it. I think I'm just an idiot.

I had no idea what a muscadine was, so I looked it up only to learn that it's also called a scuppernong! A scuppernong! I think I'm going to start calling my kids that.

And a very belated congrats on the conversion, by the way. I had a baby then, so haven't been exactly with it, but I've thought a couple times that I should tell you mazal tov. Mazal tov, you scuppernong! (Is that only funny to me??)

Reading this made me teary! What huge milestones! I miss you guys.

Aw thanks, Chaya.

Geeves, you know I love the classical (and am SHOCKED at how much of it I recognize thanks to your interminable plinking), but damn. Unless it's you down at the WPLN studios playing your pianoforte for six hours a day, I refuse to feel guilty for wishing for, oh, an hour or two of Talk of the Nation.

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