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September 09, 2009


Uber jealous of your newsboy caps! In corduroy!

Oh, how I miss the days of thrifting in places where it wasn't hip yet.

All hail the thrift stores! Couldn't imagine clothing my kids (or self) without them.

You need to go to Souther thrift on Charlotte Ave. There are is also a Salvation Army, but it depends on what kind of thrifting you're up for. Also, if you like antique stores, there are some truly excellent and funky ones. Funky in a good way.

oops. Should be "Southern", not "Souther". I blame my toddler. If you're looking for some excellent walking in woods, there are a ton of local parks with some nice walking paths. The best of these is at the end of Belle Meade Blvd, but there are some further out on hwy 70, out in Bellevue. There's a nature center there, too.

That is *precisely* where I went, Amanda!

Hey Jo,
The other killer place--Franklin's Goodwill. You talk about the uber wealthy and their castoffs--sheesh. It's a bit of a drive but the selection and savings are amazing.


Having lived in Maryland, and spent a lot of time in virginia, I'd say southern thrift shops are much much better--as well as garage sales.

and early October would be great.

OOoooo... I bet that Franklin Goodwill is stellar! You could also try the consignment stores around. Is Designer Renaissance still kicking? it used to be amazing, not sure how it is, now, if it's still there. There used to be another consignment store in the little strip mall across from where Davis Kidd used to be (um, so for a non-native, that would be on Hillsboro Pike in the same unit as the White Mountain Creamery). Consignment in Franklin and Green Hills should rock the house. Again, it's been a few years so these places may or may not be there!
My sister went to school at Belmont, so I'll ask her if she knows any other spots in the area.

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