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October 03, 2009


That sounds super delightful!

And, thanks for the link to the SNL "ad" -- I haven't had time/energy to watch SNL in AGES [OK, I took a 20 minute break and just watched Weekend Update, good timing!] -- anyway, that celebrity translator was HILARIOUS!!

sounds awesome! could you post your strategies for finding that neighborhood? just like something I'd be looking for.

It sounds wonderful! Our condo complex has a little of that feel, very rare for SoCal.

On hoodies: in the UK, it's used to refer to potentially hoodlum-ish teenagers, who often wear hooded sweatshirts with the hood obscuring their faces. So the term has the double meaning of the garment and the hoodlum behaviour.

Glad to hear that you've found a real home.

When we moved into our house seven years ago no one on our street had kids. Now there are six boys (including our two) from ages six months to 4 years. It is not uncommon to hear them shouting at each other out the windows to come over and play. It's awesome.

So to wrap it up: A good neighborhood is the one vetted by the CDC brigade as being a smoke-free one? I am wondering if you purport to dump all smokers into one vast and leaking low socio-economic bucket.

Illuminate us, please!

Wait, what, marta? I think you totally missed the point here. The Smoking Photographer herself was of a different s/e class than those she purported to "know" -- and the idea that she could immediately suss out and intimidate the "dangerous" elements based on who happened to be sitting on the porch on any given afternoon was too silly for words. Maybe what I didn't get across very well in the post was how ludicrous and patronizing her approach to the "hoodies" was -- as absurd as the term she employed to describe them.

A good neighborhood for me is one where neighbors interact with each other, where there are kids to play with, where it's possible to walk to at least some of the places one needs to go. Where gardening up to the sidewalk (heck, where there *are* sidewalks!) is okay, where hanging out the laundry isn't forbidden. And also where people don't harass me every time I step out my front door to walk the dog (as was the case in that neighborhood).

Maybe I've misread your tone.

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