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November 17, 2009


this post made my day. thanks for a smile & a chuckle while I'm in the middle of some sad days here.

Hahahaha! Awesome post! Git yur tickets to the gun show (kiss, kiss). This totally cracked me up. I am often humbled by my food-spattered clothes and my sneaking belly, too.

Yes, please. Can I fax you a list of names and addresses?

ARM-ageddon! Love it!

Correction: you are 5'5. I know because we are the same height and I've been telling people I'm 5'6 for years because of that extra quarter inch. Screw the rules of rounding.

Yeah, but five-four is FUNNIER.

you make me laugh every time. (well, not the times when you don't mean to make us laugh -- then i cry) but mostly you make me laugh and i am so grateful! especially right now as i sit in the church about to give a presentation to the board of elders on governance, which they understandeth NOT, and don't really want to understand, and so even though i'm a freakin expert on this stuff and have been begging them to let me explain it for two years, and they finally freakin decided that maybe that was a good idea -- even so, i'm a tiny bit nervous. so thanks!

you are funny! thanks!

plus, weet, when she's all hunched and angry, she IS five-four.

I'm thinking you might benefit from a Tae-bo video for your extra aggression. Or possibly so you can vent your fury at Billy himself.

Ha ha ha ha. I love the idea of a commercial.

Bad people in your life. Heh.

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