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November 06, 2009


wait on that victorian...it's new on the market, and after sitting awhile, they may change their tune. and wtf, landlords? if that's the type of deal you wanted, why didn't you just fucking say so in the first place?
at the same time, i understand how you would be relieved. no more fantasizing or iffing or anything, just reality.

Wait...$500 plus they're giving back your security deposit? How generous (not).

I'd like to mention that if you do go the dairy milk route, vanilla extract is a really good idea. Also some freshly grated nutmeg. And I'm so glad there was a can of long past-date pumpkin in the pantry that Ya Ya moved from Philadelphia to good ol' North Potomac.

I can totally tell you are asking for advice... Heh... if you can hold out until the Spring, there are usually a lot more houses on the market. In our area (suburban Maryland), there are twice as many options in the Spring as in the Fall.

And $500 is a pretty crap offer.

Do you qualify for the tax credit? Not that it's any of my business, but I thought you owned before you moved.

We now qualify because of the expansion. Had they extended it for 2 more weeks, we would qualify as new homebuyers, but what can you do? Also, there is so little in our price range here that hasn't been gutted before they ran out of money that I don't even know if we will find anything.

Anyway, good luck. Moving sucks. Homebuying on a budget sucks. I assume it would suck less if we could just drop a million or so.

We never have owned -- so we do qualify for the tax credit, which is great, but kind of limits us in how long we can drag things out. It's good until, what, April? Which means we have to look during the dead time.

I am so tempted to buy a fixer-upper with a 203K and roll several months of mortgage into it, so we can stay here through August while fixing up a house. Hmph.

You have to go under contract by April 30, but close by the end of June. (We would be 3 years out from owning (so first time buyers again) in the middle of July, so I paid a lot of attention to the timelines)

the landlords really don't have a leg to stand on. You have a 1 year lease? Hold them to it. You are the one with the power in this relationship. In TX, where landlords rule, it takes a big stick to evict a tenant. Don't know what it would take in TN, but I'm sure you can let your landlord know that $500 is not enough.

Well, the thing is, they have absolutely agreed to honor the lease if we wish to stay. They're not trying to kick us out early -- just trying to sweeten the deal. The really nice thing is that they're offering to let us out of the lease early with no consequences.

It's more that -- the way they set it up, it was as if there was going to be a greater compensation. In the end it's still a win-win since we'd get to take the tax break without dealing with re-renting or subletting.

But still...le sigh. On the upside, saw another possible great house today...

This is perfect that we are able to take the loans moreover, this opens up new possibilities.

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