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November 30, 2009


I'm good. I finished nursing school today, I got rid of my 18 year old for a little while and I sold one card on Etsy. Yeah, I know.

Sorry about the neighbor. Hopefully it won't cause Sophia too much anxiety to realize that Mamas can die. Stuff like that is just so sad.

Good luck with the Twitch.

boomp-beeemp! . . boooooooomp boooomp boomp, boomp, boomp, boompoombaheeee-baaaw!

baaaaaaaaann bapm boooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, bweee dat dweeet!

Oh no you dint, gretchenosis.

Gah. Here I was, happily denying that I'd ever even KNOWN that song, and then I had to go and read the comments... boomp-beemp indeed

And I'm very sorry of the reminder of our mortality.

Thanks for updating during such a sad week.
I love your blog, you write very eloquently.

my husband wrote that. he's requested props. i came into the kitchen to find him carefully crafting it at the computer.

we're all good. but there's a whole lotta heartache going round these days ... sorry some of it is visiting your village. sad. another family to remember in my prayers.

props. maaaaaaaad props.

also am touched that he reads my blog.

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the sinus infection tunnel. I had a tantrum last night about not getting better. But then woke up with less gunk. More soup! sounds like a good theme for the week.

Our weather finally got chilly again (below freezing at night). I was tired of seeing those flying insects around.

We're in holiday bake-a-palooza mode here so everybody is happy (albeit having trouble fitting into our pants). Yesterday was chocolate chip cookies and kamut bread. I am thinking angel food cake for tomorrow.

i feel like your blog is the perfect place to tell your friends that you tried very hard last night to persuade me to remove, squeeze, and then smell the white spot on my tonsils.

Ew! :P

Withdrawal. Happening. Now.

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