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November 02, 2009


Lurker here. I always enjoy what you have to say. As a single woman without kids, I like reading about families with young kids, and I really like your take on things. It has been interesting for me (a resident of Philly outskirts) to hear about your move. I say, keep going! And best wishes, whatever you decide.

Lurker here. I second everything the woman above said, except I live in Denver.

Good luck!

Another lurker! I like what you've got going on :)

No, no, no - don't shut down! I've read you since 2004 and I enjoyed your infertility writing (well, I didn't "enjoy" it so much as it really moved me) and now I enjoy hearing about the girls, your life as a SAHM, your crunchiness, your conversion to Judaism, your dad (my dad is an alcoholic as well).

Write. . .whenever. Whatever. I think we'll all keep coming back and enjoying it. Do you make a habit of being FB friends w/ loyal blog readers, by any chance?

Personally, I love reading anything you write about. Kid and parenting stories are great. Planning for nursing school. Judaism. Your new neighborhood. Keep on keeping on!

Love you, love all of it. Will participate in mass online protest the day you shut your diary down. I started reading right around the 3rd trimester of Sophia time frame. To this day I describe you to my husband as the crunchy, hippie blogger I read. Although those were your plastic crazy times and you don't do as much with the cruncy now. Feel free to talk about your crunchy tips, raising your kiddos, whatever. I'll be here to read it. I think there will always be a place for good writing online. Plus, if you stopped blogging, don't you think you'd stop writing all together? F that.

Jo Marie Leery Polyp (just felt you needed an additional name for emphasis)! Let's have no more talk of this "shutting down" madness. Come now.

I'm sorry you feel irrelevant. I would posit that, having outgrown your niche, you may actually be more relevant to more people.

Plus, dude...after reading both of your birth stories? I gotta hear how this Horrible Face Surgery thing turns out.

Another lurker. We'll read whatever you write. You don't need a niche when you have a loyal following. If it morphs into a nursing/midwifey blog when you are doing that then that's what it is, because that's who YOU are, no need to force it now or to write nothing until it's ready to become that. We love you regardless of what you write about because we like how you write about it and how much of yourself you put into it. The label doesn't matter. Keep on writing and we'll keep on reading. Only stop if you don't want to write anymore.

I hope you won't shut down. I simply enjoy reading about how you are engaging in the new world around you, how your life is going, you know "Dear mom, camp is...."

I'm easy to please, though. :)

I'm having the same struggle, minus the initial fame. But I'd really miss you if you went. You can write about anything! Except crafts. Not too heavy on the crafts, okay?

Look dude. Read my latest post about the rotten shit in my fridge, and you will know you are not alone.

This blog is my lifeline to you, far-away friend. Whatever you write is like a peek in your window, into your world. And you're so funny.

I could ask the same question about my blog- and what would you reply?

And also your 15 minutes are still lingering because I never have gotten hold of the book you're in.

Jo, I too realy enjoy your blog. I am also from Philly (now in NC), spent several years dealing with infertility and went to nursing school when my twins were 2 1/2 years old. See, I love you're niche!
You write beautifully and your posts are always interesting.
Thank you for spending the time sharing with us!
I hope to continue to enjoy reading your posts and will sincerely miss you if you stop.

Keep on keepin' on. Your mojo will return... or it won't. Regardless, I like reading your blog. I haven't had anything earth shattering to write about lately either.

Another lurker chiming in! I don't have children yet (my partner and I are waiting until I finish my Ph.D. to start trying. . .luckily I started the whole grad school thing pretty young). But I love the peek into the future, and I hope my future looks a little like yours. Not to mention you're (sometimes) hilarious, (sometimes) heartbreaking, and just easy to follow along with.

dude, shut UP. one of the awesome things about your blog is that it has grown so much--it started as a deep, thorough, heart-breaking and brilliant account of infertility, then came the road to sophia, then her life and the beginning of daphne....
it will never be what it was, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. you aren't who you were, in a sense, and that's good. you are about to have some life-altering stuff go down, and that you would even consider abandoning the thing you do best (write)..well, perhaps you don't see it...but you need it now as much as ever. even though you can't yet write about dad, even though you're waiting for the chips to fall, so many people out here love and need your posts. not just as a life-line to you. i, for one, depend on you to put into words what i'm thinking about motherhood, daughterhood, etc. does every post have to be inspiring? no, but they kind of are anyway.
so, again. SHUT UP.

and. AND. not to be corny, but perhaps your fifteen minutes are in the distant future. kind of like what we talked about on the road-trip through braums-land: this ain't GTC, and your fifteen minutes won't fall in your lap.

It often seems to me that when bloggers have these moments like you're having, it's because they feel that people read what they're writing because they take on important topics or write important things. And I'm sure there's some of that, but I read the particular bloggers who I read because I like *them,* and I don't really care very much what they're writing about. Write about your life, as you like, and we will read it!

Delurking to say that, like so many others here, I just like reading about your life. You're a good writer. That can make anything interesting. Plus, like a lot of the others, I don't have kids but hope to have them soon, and I like getting a peek into what life is like for a mom.

Oh my gosh, I didn't intend for this to be a "talk me down from the ledge" comment-scaring-up post -- although, hey, I am *really* loving this, and very much enjoying hearing why people read (or continue to read). Who knew there actually WAS a niche for this?

And yes, am FB whore. Shoot me an email and I'll friend you...

hm, I get the desire to have a niche, especially since that's how you started out. maybe that's a new thing to settle on... I'm sure there are lots of budding niches in your life, just waiting to be picked :) Interesting thought, having a niche. I started a blog w/o a niche, and it has lost some steam. I didn't publicly have a niche because I thought it would make me inaccessible to my 3 readers. What I'm realizing about good writing, though, is that the topic is useful, but the writing is ultimately the real joy.

Don't shut down--in fact, write more!

You are one of the very few blogs I read on a regular basis. I started reading while I was nursing my daughter and continued after she weaned (2 years later). Now I'm nursing another baby and NEED something to read! There are a lot of blogs out there and very few good blogs. Your blog is always entertaining or thought provoking. You write so well, everything you write about is interesting. If you stop blogging you'll have to write a book. Please don't stop though! Keep it going...

Hi, I am delurking to say how much I enjoy your writing. Dissecting issues like vaccinations without being preachy or weird? Yes, please! Simpsons references? Bonus! Also, I am currently attempting to go to nursing school, in stutter-steps. So, I am here for the career ambivalence, too. :)

Another (mostly) lurker here. Only I'm a lazy one who can't be too arsed to see if a similar comment has been posted yet. I am very much interested in your conversion to Judaism and all that that entails. I love to read about your girls, too.

Whatever you do, don't stop. I truly enjoy popping in and reading when I can.

Please don't stop: I'd read your grocery list.

no no no no no. you. write.

Please don't stop writing, there's such a magnetic quality to even the "quickie" posts that are just little updates... You just have a nice way of phrasing things.

I liked hearing about your memories of Kansas, there was a particular post about summer once that made me... i don't know... something intangible, but lovely.

You crack me up when you describe parenting and I've learned so much about ways of looking at things just through osmosis. The only niche you need is the "Jo" niche - it's captivating, well written and strangely moving in a way I can't articulate.

Damn, Jo. I'm going to try this on *my* blog. I need some Love.

AussieAndrea, didn't we email about that post?

I've been reading you since the infertility days -- yours and mine. Please don't stop. Your and your writing are a bright spot in my day.

I like your blog, whatever you feel like writing about is fine with me! If you have to have a focus though: I like your stuff about green living! I get so many good tips from your blog. We are trying to avoid chemicals and plastic in our home but I am totally clueless about how to do most of it the right way!

I've enjoyed your blog for years. It feels good to read the stories of other smart women who are in a similar place to me. It's hard when you have been conditioned your entire life to accomplish "Big! Important! Things!" and then you have children which throws everything into survival mode for a few years (or more). I enjoy your writing because it reminds me that even though we are in the trenches of parenting we are still smart, ambitious women with dreams and opinions.

I think you should write about corn.

when i started my blog, i was really clear that i no longer wanted to blog in a diary sort of way, or even a niche sort of way. i wanted to say some things i have inside me, and to say them with a little craft. not polished-to-submit to a magazine craft, but more than stream-of-consciousness diary. so fewer and longer pieces.

i've always enjoyed your blog so much because you do both -- your diary/stream-of-consciousness writing is always witty and entertaining and, well, Just Good Writing. and the pieces you write that are longer, more pointed, and that seem to be more ... crafted ... are always thoughtful and thought-provoking and, well, Just Good Writing.

i would hate to lose any of it. but as for focus ... maybe you want to pick a few themes in your life, and explore them a little more in depth, in essays, you know? like i have a couple of themes going ... faith, and homemaking, books, etc. what are the themes in your life right now? could you pick a couple and kinda lean into them with your writing?

of course if you stopped the shorter diary-esque pieces all together, i and probably a lot of other folks would be sad, because that's often some of the wittiest stuff i read all day. though you would probably bring that wit to longer more thoughtful pieces too -- that's just who you are.

anyhoo, that's what came to my mind. but whatever you do, don't stop writing jo. it's your gift.

I feel your pain. My last blog post is from February, Valentine's Day. Honestly, I've been so busy (I work part-time outside of the home) with work, home improvements, figuring out what I'm going to do next, that I have fallen off the blog map. I don't give good blog.

One of the themes I was exploring, but am too overwhelmed at the moment to continue, is posts about how to be green and cheap and hip, every day. The twist would have been Nashville. Feel free to steal it.

I have found your conversion to Judaism interesting for a couple of reasons: 1) I have joked since I was a child that I was Jewish in another lifetime 2) Judaism fascinates me and 3) Madonna. Yes, what the heck is this Kaballah stuff. So if you were to write about the Jewish them, I'd read.

no don't stop writing please, you provide an essential voice, the funny, irreverant, realistic, loving,feminist mom, I started reading your blog when I was pregnant and looking for some sort of community. Your blog is a gem, your writing is both sensitive and hilarious, and you manage to write about personal things while making them universally appealing which is a hard task. Your writing voice is unique and endearing, and if you can write that well, you sort of owe it to yourself(and 'your public') to continue, it would be a shame for you to hide that skill.

I tried to post this thought yesterday...

Life ebbs and flows. Sometimes we are more quiet, sometimes we have more to say. I started reading about a year ago and I always enjoy what you have to say. It doesn't have to be earth shattering. Thanks.

Don't stop, even if you weren't going to. And as much as the mom blog (dull column) in the local paper disappoints you, the blog online is just different. Moveable. Its casualness is its appeal.

What to write about - what I want to read about? Family life. Judaism. Nursing school. Transplanted in the south. Your house hunt. What ever makes your heart sing or your heart evilly mad.

I have been reading you for close to five years now, and I rarely comment but if you check you will see me in your analytics just about every day. For almost five years!

And I think it's odd that you think you need a "hook" - I just read you because I enjoy reading whatever you write, no matter the topic.

Does it matter to you if you are "popular" and have a million readers or if you have just 100 or 50 or 30? Aren't you writing what you feel no matter how many people read?

I feel guilty that I know a lot about you and you know nothing about me. I'm going to email you so you can friend me on fb if you want.

When I was in radio, I learned a trick. When broadcasting, imagine you are talking to ONE person. Just you and that other person connecting - it makes it more personal than thinking of the entire audience. Maybe think of blogging that way, so it doesn't matter how many readers you have?

Delurking too. I like your blog very much and stop by almost daily. Your take on feminism and SAHM is inspiring. Don't stop!

Too busy bathing flu-ish child to get all philosophical, but I will say this: If you shut down this here blog, I will one sad mama.

Well, you guys are awful nice.

Here's my game plan: gussy up the resume and whore myself out for contract writing/editing work. If I can pick up a hundred bucks a month, I'll feel somehow productive. Or something.

That's phase one.

Jo Dear.

I've been reading your blog since before Sophia, when it was an infertility blog. As an infertile person who is not going to have children,I usually stop reading once people have a child (or two or three), but you are just so cool that I've had to keep reading. So please keep writing.

Chiming in a bit late, but I always enjoy your posts on whatever topic. I particularly enjoyed your posts on converting to Judaism.

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