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November 15, 2009


1. I love that song
2. House hunting sucks. Just bought our first, and I suddenly realized that if/when kids happen, they will have to share our master bathroom because it's the only one near the bedrooms. And here I thought it was perfect!
3. Thinking good thoughts for you
4. Thank you for reminding me that Roseanne is on this! very! second! and that I could be watching that instead of reading. This show, it is my favorite thing ever on television. I think I draw a lot of my attitudes towards general life maintenance from there. And I think it's *awesome*, for the record :)

I'm sorry to hear about your father. I think loved-one illness stress is pretty much the worst type of stress.

God, I'm such a whiner in ordinary circumstances. I fear becoming ill. If I had to leave a place where they gave me warm blankets...well, I'm scared for my husband should I ever become ill and require care.

White hair looks cool. You could totally rock that look as well.

Free cable would ruin my life. But I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Sorry about the suckiness in the dad category. If I had words of wisdom, I'd share them--but I don't, so I'll stop about now.

Except to say that I am SO glad I am not the only one that likes to watch Roseanne and reflect on how it applies to adult life and all. File under "awesome."

if i'm not watching roseanne, i'm watching the golden girls.

do they honestly expect you to go visit him right now? i haven't talked to you in a while, so i hadn't heard as much. i think they expect nothing from me. i think i wisely set up that expectation long ago...and by wisely i mean unintentionally.

that same stress has caused me such intense bouts of emotional eating and eruptions of irritation and anger that i considered an anti-depressant. no skin stuff, no white hair, but general bloat and several new wrinkles. even when i smile, my brow looks furrowed.

i'm calling you during tikatu's nap.

I'm voting awesome. I love me some Roseanne.

House-hunting sucks. We're doing the same thing, and I have nothing positive to say about it other than hopefully someday it will be over.

Don't know what to say about the dad situation, so I'm going to stick to "OMFG I'm so sorry."

Have you looked at lovelylisting.com?

It is funny and helps with the insanity of the househunting. We went back out on Saturday. It was like a date since we had a sitter. Only we saw one unfortunate house after another. And one that might be great except it was stripped so it would add a lot to the cost to put in all new appliances, counters, cabinents, fixtures, toliets, door knobs, etc etc etc.

I heart lovelylisting!

delurking to comment because of Roseanne-she is the white trash mother i never had, which drives my rather uptight waspy mother insane. When far away from family I take comfort from watching reruns of Roseanne.

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