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December 16, 2009


I'm a gonna sneak a 500 lb katfeesh into our murky amphibian pond... and name her General Sherman.

Yay! New house!!

Since chalkboard paint is freakishly expensive I thought I'd give you a wee hand...

Chalkboard Paint on the CHEAP!

1. Pour 1 cup of latex paint, in the color of your choice, into a clean, 1-gallon bucket.

2. Add 2 tablespoons of dry, unsanded tile grout mix into the paint. Mix until the paint is smooth and clump-free. (Use grout mix without added pigments.) Repeat the mixing process until you have enough paint to complete your entire project.

3. If necessary, prepare the wall with a light sanding or priming. Apply the chalkboard mixture to any paintable surface with a roller or brush. You'll need two nice, thick coats.

4. Allow the paint to completely dry, then sand the surface with fine sandpaper until you achieve a texture that will accept chalk.

Draw! Create!

I have a house and it financially ruined me but I didn't buy it in this awesome buyer's market like y'all.

And it's home. I think owning your own place does make it a home. And you sound like you are all over that like white on rice. Unlike me, who has to get a box to put all the crap in so I can eat at the dining room table once in a while!

her colors are PINK and PINK.

julie did steel magnolias with the most amazing group of high school girls once in indiana. twin sisters played sally field and julia roberts. it was brilliant.

We own the Woody Guthrie Hanukah album, and it's awesome! It's actually by the Klezmatics. The back story is that in the 40's, Woody and his family lived in Coney Island, and he wrote tons of songs about Jewish life there. After he died, the songs were forgotten, but his daughter rediscovered them 10 years ago, and asked the Klezmatics to write new music to go with her father's lyrics. It's an amazing story, just had to share.

OOooh, thanks, hearhoofbeats! That's excellent!

No! You don't have an upstairs laundry!! It's my dream! But it's mostly found in brand new houses -- how come an old one has it too?

My bedroom was a Pepto pink too, only the CEILING was pink, a shade darker than the walls and the border up top? yucky hideous! I love the idea of an indigo bedroom.

P.S. maybe I missed something, I'm in Brazil and without much time for blog reading, but what happened to the car?

Heh heh...you said "caulk." Actually, any time I see that I laugh remembering the post from Karen (Naked Ovary) about caulk. It's lost in translation unless you remember reading it.

House stuff on the cheap is awesome--we're all about it. You should check to see if you have a construction recycling/surplus type place in Nashville. We have one here called "Construction Junction" and you can get lots of random house fixing stuff for dirt cheap. I think there are others in the country, so Google away!

Yeah, we have a Habitat for Humanity store with construction stuff. I was just in there today looking around! And yeah, I remember the caulk post!

Lilian, it just got WAY too many dings. Couple hit and runs in Philly, a few dents in Nashville, that time a shredding tire came flying at us on the highway and it was safer to hit the tire fragment than to drive off the road, and then the time I backed into a post in the preschool parking lot. It was starting to rust, and the bumper was probably compromised, so...fixin' time.

Oh, and the laundry? The house is mostly on one level, without a basement. Between the kitchen and the breezeway is a pantry with washer and dryer. (Which tells you that the house is old enough to rely on architecture for cooling needs! There's a big center hall breezeway and all the doors have working transoms.)

And thank you Michelle! That is excellent.

Woody's wife, Arlo and Nora's mother, was Jewish.

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