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December 28, 2009


David Tennant as Dr. Who. Tall, skinny, caring and unavailable!

I'm in love with Hugh Laurie, but only when he's being Dr. House. Brilliant but totally asshole-ish drug abuser. Go me!

Spike (Buffy/Angel). Especially before he went all good & nice.

Tom Waits. Even though he's about 30 years older than me and is probably going to die tomorrow of smoking-related lung disease.

I also loved Zachary Quinto as Spock, if that provides any comfort!

Cillian Murphy is my odd duck crush. Okay he's little and cute with the floppy hair and the witchy light eyes and the compelling voice, nothing wrong with all that. But I've only ever seen him play nasty bad guys, Sandman in Batman Begins and Jackson Ripper in Red Eye.

I have Breakfast on Pluto and Watching the Detectives on my queue...

I TOTALLY get your crushes. Here are mine - Gordon Ramsey, Hugh Laurie as house, and (brace yourself) John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons. Nobody has ever understood this, but I think you just might.

I am so with you on crush #1. That voice just kills me. If you do get a piece of that, will you share? I also find that I only find actors crush-worthy in select roles. For instance, Orlando Bloom is a handsome enough human, but I only find him sexy as an elf.

But I also find Anthony Bourdain inexplicably alluring. I think it's because he's an asshole. And the food porn. Mmmmm.

Since I share two of your three, I'm having a hard time working myself up to the assertion that they're humiliating. People have been crushing on Rickman-as-Snape for YEARS. Even before we were even certain that he did have a heart after all.

I prefer Baldwin as Jack Ryan, btw.

There is a guy who plays Frankenstein's monster in a rock band at Universal Studios. omg, Hot.

Alec Baldwin is totally understandable. He was dead hot in The Hunt for Red October. Even when his assholeness was revealed to the world (thanks Ireland's answering machine) he was still damn cute.

My crush since 1984 has been Daniel Day Lewis -- one totally messed up talented man.

I am 100% on board the Snape train. I used to have a freakish crush on a local weatherman when I was in college and he was about 60. But he was awesome.

My MIL is also in love with Snape. I myself am in love with Robert Pattinson, and the character he plays: Edward.

I am with on on Spock, but not so much on Snape.

When I was a teenager I had a crush on Wil Wheaton as Westley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG.

I know, I am a huge dork.

What is not to love about Wil Wheaton? You know, he blogs.

My crushes: Val Kilmer as Iceman in Top Gun and Christian Slater as JD in Heathers (hello, evil boyfriend alert!). Apparently, I have not seen a new movie in 20 years.

Oh yes. Zachary Quinto as Spock does it for me. Also, Gabriel Byrne in anything.


Michael C Hall as Dexter...mmmmmmmmm.

oooo! oooo! I want to play too!

SEAN BEAN as Boromir. Period.

Words fail me. Either you get it or you don't, I can't explain. And I don't find it humiliating at all, despite the fact that I've never found anyone who agrees with me on this...

And PS - Tom Waits, absolutely yes. Oh yes.

I. Jo. I share the Spock/Snape love. Argh. Additional weird weird crush: Hyde from the excellent TV adaptation known as Hyde. He's psycho! And looks good with his shirt off! And very protective of his family. And psycho.

I get it, though I don't share your particular crushes. Totally agree with Summer about Orlando Bloom. As an elf, he makes my heart go pitter-patter. As himself, not so much.

This is a good post-holiday discussion...

I understand the Zachary Quinto thing although he is so so so young that kind of kills it for me. In the Star Trek movie, the guy I thought was hot was the ship's captain who went to the alien ship. Age-appropriate, I guess it happens naturally for me.

Johnny Depp if he wasn't so damn short. That also kills it for me, being rather tall. Why did someone tell me how small he is?

Jon Stewart, although also short! Not fair! He's so smart and funny though that I might not care.

Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans...oh my God, there are no qualifiers on the hotness there.

I seem to have a thing for portly gentlemen: my two big character crushes are John Goodman (in all roles, but most especially as Dan Conner) and James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. My husband thinks I'm on a secret mission to fatten him up.

I'm late to this party, but here goes: Most recent crush--Cuba Gooding Jr. as Mikey in Shadow Boxer (the love scenes between him and Helen Mirren are amazing and his body, well ...). Of course House (I saw Hugh Laurie in Stuart Little and he's not hot when he's nice). I'd say my oldest and most embarrassing crush is Mister Rogers when he was *young* and I watched him (circa 1975). I can tell you point blank he was my replacement father figure--no deep analysis here. The least embarrassing old crush--Sean Friggin Connery as James Bond, the ONLY James Bond. Whew. I think I need a cigarette.

Hugh Laurie as Dr. House. But not for those couple of episodes in Season Three where the ketamine treatment worked and he didn't have his cane. And Egon in the Ghostbusters cartoon. That swirly hair!! And Link from Zelda. I'm officially a bigger dork than all y'all.

I also find myself inexplicably drawn to assholes. Jack Donaghy, House et al. Jon Stewart is also up there in crushland, so maybe it's the snarky humor instead of the assholishness.

I think Chuck is adorable as well and other actors who are in the spy-like genre.

Maybe I'm just secretly searching for a snarky dorky spy??

Rutger Hauer; Christopher Walken.

i have way too many real life crushes these days to bother with celebrity ones, lol! somewhat surprising theme: all men. less surprising: mostly gay men. not surprising at all: i'm super glad i'm not married to any of them! (but damn, some of my boyz are hot hot hot!)

Ohhhh, so into Zachary Quinto as Spock, but even weirder...

I love him as Sylar too. Pretty creepster, right?

And Snape of course. It is the voice...mmm....

And someone mentioned Anthony Bourdain. Love him! Sexy AND a foodie. You just can't lose with that one.

tom calicchio. so what if he's gay. anthony bourdain. also gay, i believe. harvey keitel in pulp fiction. this isn't weeta...it's gretchenosis. don't feeling like changing the saved password.

I just started a blog about infertility and stumbled upon your blog and quickly realized that you, crushes and all, are way cooler than I or my blog will ever be! Kind of depressing, but very entertaining! :) P.S. My crush is always, always, ALWAYS the nerd.

But marta, the celeb crushes can't see me sitting there in my stainy maternity t-shirt that was used when I got it five years ago...

and Ashlee, you are too kind!

I agree that Hugh Laurie is not hot when he's nice.

yeah, but you also don't get to walk arm-in-arm with them like right out of jane austen, or kiss them right on the mouth during the passing of the peace, or flirt shamelessly with them on facebook. and what fun would it be if you didn't get to do all that? this is what you get to look forward to in the Next Stage Of Parenting (i.e. when your kids are in school).

Humiliating celebrity crush: William H. Macy. I don't know why. But yum.

Jenny, wasn't he in some sort of extremely racy sex scene with...who was it...Maria Bello maybe?

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