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December 17, 2009


Can I ask a parenting question? How did you determine Sophia was sensitive? And what do you mean by "highly sensitive?"

I wonder because our 3 yr old won't wear jeans or cords, b/c "They hurt me." And she often scratches around the neck of her shirts and waistband of her pants. And she hates having her jackets zipped up.

Thanks Jo.

Davida, there's a great book by Elaine Aron called The Highly Sensitive Child. And I recommend it...highly. :)

Thanks! My 3 year old's "soft pants" (as he refers to yoga pants) are looking like capris on him so it is time for us to get some new ones. I didn't really want to pay $20 from some from the G*p nor am I thrilled with American Apparel's offerings so this is perfect. He too is a sensitive little ball of energy and much prefers his soft pants to hard pants - if he is forced to wear pants at all.

We call them "soft pants" too!

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