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January 13, 2010


My daughter tortured me nightly with her tiny, jabby feet in my crotch until the whole co-sleeping farce reached its zenith at 18 months and I had to kick her out of my bed. I spent the next 10 months sleeping on her floor; inching closer to the door every night until she could sleep on her own. Fun times.

i just wrote about how much i loved the baby year. implied though not explicitly stated is how much less i loved the toddler years. somehow sleep deprivation just feels all different after 12 months, does it?

"somehow sleep deprivation just feels all different after 12 months, does it?"

I think it's that "people" expect you to be a fully functional adult after a year, and you are *so* not. At least, I'm not. I have hope, though, that some day, they will sleep.

@ marta and SarcastiCarrie, yes!

I have a 9.5 month old and a 3 year old. The baby is teething and sick and I think the longest continuous stretch of sleep I got last night was 20 minutes. Those little feet were pushing into my tummy ALL NIGHT LONG. At one point my husband turned to me and asked, "Do you ever just want to rip off his little feet?" Of course, we would do no such thing, but my goodness it is maddening.

I have never found going bed early to work for me. I am just as tired and then I miss out on my alone time after the kids are asleep which makes me cranky. Sleeping in in the morning while the husband wrangles the kids works for me.

so glad i'm not alone....
at 18 months, philip likes to request outlandish things in the night. he pushes me out of bed, demanding to be bounced or 'puh! puh!', which is 'puff, the magic dragon'. there have been nights of tender cuddling, sweet awakenings and such, but crap. and the toddler bed is too small for me to squeeze into for night nursing.
i have a lot of friends with newborns who seem to think things should be different by now. HA! hahahaha. joke's on them.

i don't know if this is helpful, or just taunting ... but mine are now almost 13 and almost 7, and we've all been sleeping through the night for a long time. now it's menopause keeping me up at night, sigh.... it's always something isn't it? lol!

marta, oh god yes -- I adore the baby year! the toddler year is like...um...something unrelentingly difficult?

tell us about this magic land with unicorns and sparkles and 13- and 7-year-olds, would you? (sits with chin in hands, rapt)

I never understood toddler beds. So some people's children get big/old/mature enough to leave the crib/family bed/dresser drawer and then sleep alone? In a little bed? Who ARE there children? We put my daughter in a twin mattress on the floor of her own room at 14 months. I spent the next 1.5 years sleeping in her bed with her at least part of the night. How on earth would that have worked if she had been in a toddler bed?

Also, 13 year olds may sleep (ALL day, if you let them), but they are just 3 year olds in lanky, pimply bodies. I teach middle school and have a preschooler at home and I tell you--they are the SAME people. They do the same crazy limit-testing, the same desperate identity-seeking, the same WHINING. But they are also equally funny and charming and lovely in their own strange ways.

as if philip had read your blog, he woke up last night at 230. not cranky, not happy, just awake. it helped, actually, to think that you were awake, too. and probably saying the same mean things in a sweet voice to your little Deeee.

Do you ever think about testing each other in the middle of the night just to see if there is someone else sharing in your misery? Just wonderin'.

And Go Team Third Row Seating! I have a Chevy Traverse and I am quite happy to climb in the back, swing the overhead door down and change a diaper (and that's how I learned that the lightgate doesn't open from the inside and crawled over the car seats in the 2nd row and through to the front to get out (doors on the 2nd row had child thing on them so they couldn't open from the inside)).

actually, i wished to myself last night that jo would text message more often...i totally would have done it last night if it weren't for the hour time difference.

too tired to type....

night sleep sucks...day sleep okay...


oh my! You just described last nigh... 3 a.m. I'm angry and just want to sleep... seriously, every single word you said on this post. Exactly how I feel, she just turned 1 year old.

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