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January 04, 2010


Maybe it will also be the year I either take a flattering picture of myself, or just accept that I really do look that goofy, all the time.

Oh, c'mon, you look plenty handsome, not that goofy, ok, only in self portraits, I thought you meant you wanted to have your picture taken. :-)

This year? One thing only, that K gets a job. sigh.

Oh, and this may be the year I go visit my aunt again -- then we HAVE to see you, ok?

In Israel you can write 5770 on your checks.

More importantly, are you calling 2010 "twenty-ten" or "two-thousand ten"? Inquiring minds want to know.

I don't see the *** that "A LOT" is referring to and it's really bothering me...

Ooh, I took my GRE Dec. 28. Good luck on that!

Mandy, it's at the end of the ** right above! ;)

How was it, Liz?

And I'm saying twenty-ten, because I am so terribly fatigued of saying two-thousand-and-three etc.

Good luck with the GRE! I took it in 2007, I used a couple of review books for the maths, and highly recommend getting the software for practice (it was ~$40), so you're familiar with the auttomated testing interface.

I'm scheduled to graduate with an MPH in Epidemiology in May (assuming I get my thisis approved & all the paperwork signed, sealed & submitted in time). Then 2010 might be the first year I actually try to get knocked up. Eeeep. Who knows.

I don't know if I can actully bear to have a resoultion, but I suppose it will be that if I do get pregnant (via DE or with my old crusty eggs), or decide to start the adoption process, I'm going to enjoy the moments when I feel good, excited, happy and like a 'mother', and not contaminate those moments with my negativity.

My resolutions (in detail on my blog):

1. Go places!
2. Bake a souffle.
3. Line dry my laundry.
4. Be serious about my cookbook.
5. Live in the present.
6. Stand up straight.

#s 5 and 6 are going to be the hardest for me.

Good luck with the chemistry - I'll bet you will do great. My husband teaches chemistry for nursing majors at the community college level and while he is by no means an easy teacher, one will definitely get at least a B in his class if they are an intelligent person (which from your writing it is quite clear you are) and they put in a reasonable amount of effort (like come to class and turn in the work - amazing how many of his students do not).

Not only am I saying twenty-ten, but I'm insisting that my kids do as well. I'm a horrible mom.

My list:
1. Make more things and photograph them.
2. Teach Anika to use the sewing maching all by herself.
3. Grow out my hair.
4. Take a vacation.
5. Spend more time looking good.

Good luck with the nursing school bidness!

2010 for me is passing 2nd year of uni (for nursing ... shouldn't be too hard considering I passed the first year despite a miscarriage and ectopic!), trying to get knocked up and hopefully not succumbing to financial ruin. I like to live on the edge. heh.

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