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February 20, 2010


House pics! I loooove to see house pictures. Congratulations, by the way.

I'm not loving the hallway paint, though. I know it isn't my labor that would repaint, but...not loving it. Great hallway, though.

My hallways are done exactly that way - same colors and everything - so I am going to have to say go for it!

I like the paint. Also, love the windows!

Love the sneak, love the paint.

That door! The transom! The floor! Love it! I like the paint, but give it a month or two - by then you will know if you like it or not. I painted a bathroom rather impulsively about a year ago and have regretted the color choice ever since, but am too lazy to paint it all again. Great sneak peek! Congratulations.

I would have to paint that if it were my house.

Woo hoo! Great tease! I don't like yellow, but I think I could live with that. I think that the idea of waiting a couple of months is a good one.

Those floors are GORGEOUS! I hope a way can be found to save it and still insulate it somehow (from the bottom of the house).

I LOVE the white door, windows, trim etc. Is that a porch we see outside? Porches are so cool!

Mmmm pretty floors! And I love the window next to the front door. Very handy.

My opinion, the color is just ok, but I am really not into the "faux" finish type paint treatments. But it is *your* house. If you don't like it, I think it is worth re-doing as it is the entry to your house and as such, it sort of sets the mood for the rest of the house. Then again, we have painted every single room, ceiling, and piece of trim in our house so I am a bit of a crazy.

LOVE the hallway and windows are fabulous, like the white trim and floor just gorgeous... I do like the yellow I'd wait a few months its not my favourite but I think even after viewing the picturs a few times its better, live with it a time, hang some great art and I think you'll love it.

btw congrats on the house !

I certainly wouldn't have picked the yellow, but right now, that's all there is. Hang some stuff on the walls, add some curtains, a small little table with a bowl for keys, etc. and the paint will stop being the focus, or at least will be a little less of a focus. that way, it doens't have to be high up on your to do list. if you don't love the color, know that eventually you will repaint, but if the paint job is done nicely, than at least you can live with it.

we just moved to a house with 2 colors throughout, pale minty blue and peachy peach. it's enought to make me hurl. with that being said, the paint job is brand new and in good shape, so as much as I don't love the colors, it hasn't caused me to go postal, espcially now that our stuff is hung up and we are moved in.

I am partial to yellow, so I would keep it. That being said, the advice to just live with it for a while is sage. Especially if the redo is an enormous endeavor.

Love the old details (like the transoms) and love the spindle details on the porch, too!

just your entryway is enough to entice me to come.

Love the paint. What do you think of burgandy curtains as a contrast?

Love the door and light fixture. Hate the wall color, but it's livable until a later date.

Hey Jenn, you know what else is sage? The paint in the living room! Har har har.

No, really. It is.

I think some seriously bright and interesting stuff all around is going to be the way to go. When we repaint it would probably just be a solid buttery yellow, so at least curtains and stuff will still look the same.

Oh, and wait until I tell you about the bedroom paint color. Think Caladryl on a bad sunburn...

ugh! paint that shiz!

LOVE IT. Love the paint but I know the rag job has gone out of style. But great color.

Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease more pics?


The floor is gorgeous! And I love the light too. I hope you are enjoying your new place :)!

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