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February 16, 2010


Oh, yea, come on lottery money and Aruba! Hope is all smooths out for you soon.

You have gingerbread on your house. *Swoon* That's awesome!

I am a sucker for original details on a house no matter how horrid the condition of the rest of the building. My husband had to work very hard to talk me out of putting an offer on a house where there was a semi-working toilet installed smack dab in the middle of one of the bedrooms (but the house had a built in china cabinet with beautiful leaded glass doors!)

When I win the lottery (which will be hard as I don't play) I'm going back to where we had our honeymoon - Kona Village Resort on the big island of Hawaii. I highly recommend it if you find yourself flush with cash.

Phew! Medical conditions and interventions galore there, I hope everything goes well with them.

I'm glad that the home renovations/repairs are coming along OK (except for the floor difficulties :-( ). can't wait for photos!

Better to get the floors fixed. You'd save on heat and avoid other potential problems. Doing from underneath sounds structurally smart. Maybe ask This Old House? Wouldn't the Marmoleum have to be in addition to fixing it from underneath? Once everything is fixed, maybe the value and therefore your equity would increase; too bad you can't get a home-equity loan in advance based on the results before they happen.

Yeah, I'm thinking fix the floors from beneath (since we'd have to do it anyway, as you point out so rightly!). Nice thing about that is it's a relatively inexpensive thing to do.

Hilariously, those cracks will be 95% gone once it warms up.

Gina, I know, right?

Love the picture -- not a ragged paint person myself, but hey, we can't do it all at once (or maybe just WE can't do it all at once). Happy painting, and you're welcome to walk through our house and compare creaking floorboards to help you decide what to do!

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