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February 28, 2010


Fine, then, if you don't want supportive inanities from interweb strangers-

Is your jaw going to be wired shut after your surgery?

Because that shit sucks. If the painkillers don't get you, the pureed food might. A friend of my mom had jaw surgery and she had to eat Thanksgiving dinner as a liquid. And mouthwash can only do so much.

Hypothetical question- would [a very observant] one need a separate blender for Passover? I just had a terrible thought about pureed matzoh ball soup.

Yeah, Fakey, it's gonna be nasty. I think I'll be off the purees by Passover, although that's a good question. Usually you don't put grainy things in the blender so maybe you'd be okay?

Although you'd need separate blenders for dairy and meat, if you were keeping kosher.

Matzoh balls might be okay as-is. Hmm.

To cheer you up in your new home ownership:

Oh my god, Micaela. Everybody! Everybody listen here! Look, I hereby give you full permission to quit reading my blog in favor of the one Micaela linked to, because dude. It's just...dude. Go read it.

THANK YOU, Micaela. bwahahhahah!

Glad you likey. Knew you needey. Houses are hardey.

Zapp's Cajun CrawTators. OMG. I don't know what I'll do when we leave Louisiana to move back to the Midwest and I can't get my Zapp's anymore. The Zapp's Voodoo chips are the most amazing thing ever.

I met Mr. Zapp at the Zapp's International Beerfest last year. He wore a full yellow slicker and rainhat in the sun. I think he's cultivating an image.

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