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March 22, 2010


Breaking Bad rocks my life!! I love ever second of it! :)

I had no idea that postpartum anxiety or ocd existed either, until they knocked me upside the head. Hard. Glad to know that the word seems to be getting out there.

Thinking about things you can eat - when my son needed high-calorie food, one trick I used was smoothies with egg-beaters. You don't need to cook them because they are pasteurized. Also, I put olive oil into absolutely everything.
Good luck!

Mmmmm, mashed potatoes! Cream cheese is a delicious addition to mashed potatoes, and something about all the wierd gummy ingredients makes the mash reheat really well. And they don't end up tasting cream cheesey.

I don't know if you have Craigslist in Nashville, but I see swingsets there all the time, usually for free or, like, $100, if you'll come and get it.

Craigslist or garage sales are good places to find swingsets, but if you buy new and aren't totally averse to spending your $ at [email protected]@rt, I bought the cheapest wooden "playset" they have there 2 summers ago and my kids are still playing on it. I thought my husband and his brother were going to run out of beer before they finished building it, but thankfully our local c-store had planned accordingly.

oh and don't forget the ever-friendly and rarely noted antenatal depression and anxiety. horrible.

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