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March 09, 2010



I bet your girls will be happy to have you home, even if you are a bit out of it.

Jo, long time reader, first time commenter.

I had a similar surgery this past November. I too threw up and had a blood clot stuck behind my teeth. It took me three hours to get it out. Absolutely disgusting. I'm sending some e-hugs because the week post surgery was the worst thing I have even been through. Granted, I'm only 17 so I haven't actually been through that much. One thing I definitely recommenend is Booster/Jamba Juice. Buy a couple smoothies (I went with the high protein and high fiber options), keep them in the freezer and then just blend with some milk when you get hungry (as you will be all week). Two smoothies lasted me a couple days because you only need a little of the smoothie in your shake. Also, ice cream + milk in a blender makes a delicious shake. Apple sauce also works in the syringe (oh god, how I hate the syringe... /shudder).
Other assvice: use your ice packs. AT ALL TIMES. I should show you my post surgery face, it is outrageous.
If you wanna chat anymore, feel free to email me! I have some sick hospital photos. Hope your experience is better than mine!

At least you had the good sense to schedule your surgery during the limited time that Throwback Pepsi (made with real sugar!) is available.

I'm glad to hear your surgery went well, and I'm wishing you a relaxing recovery.

How about Stage 2 baby food? It's pureed and they make some decent flavors (like Omega Rich Egg Yolk Raisin Oatmeal). Beech Nut brand is highly tasty. I'm a big fan of Del Monte Broccoli and Chicken too.

I hadn't pondered the possibility of barfing with a wired-shut jaw. You have opened my mind to a whole new dimension of yuck.

May this phase pass quickly, with no more barfing!

Well, we are certainly going to learn a lot from you, aren't we?

Glad things went well. Take it easy, and how awesome to get some hints from Chelsea!

I had this done at 17, too.

I recommend:

-strained soups
-Stage 1 baby food (pears, nom nom)
-Ensure/Boost (if you can, I know it's awful)
-Haagen Dazs with Oreos, blended with a ton of milk to a very thin consistency.

Good luck! You will be so happy to finally chew when you get your wires cut - except then you have to learn how to open your mouth and chew again. Which hurts a LOT. But you'll still be happy!

All I will add is this: now that you can't talk for a bit, I look forward to a lot more writing from you!

Urk. Sounds very unpleasant. I'm glad that at least the surgery is over. Good luck with the recovery.

Hey Jo! I have been a long time lurker but the image of you trying to barf a blood clot pushed me into commenting. I wish you all the best in your recovery. One thing you can do is vanilla ensure, milk, and ice cream. The ice cream will take the ensure taste away and if you put enough milk and blend it you can use it in your syringe. Good Luck!

I had a physical reaction to the blood clot story. Like, my stomach actually heaved in sympathy. But I don't really mind, because the giggles I got out of it were worth the little urp.... feel better!

Do you like Carnation Instant Breakfast? Maybe you could try that.

We are thinking of you and still cringing about the blood clot!!

I had foot surgery and thought throwing up after foot surgery was the worst. I was not able to run to the bathroom. Now I know you have beat me for the worst "throwing up after surgery" experience. That's awful. I feel so bad for you. Hope you are able to get lots of rest!

Oh, y'all, if only I could handle milk and ice cream! They tend to turn my insides to liquid though. Tomorrow I plan to start with the almond milk-egg white protein shakes.

Also, I would double the pain if I could halve the congestion. Gleh. Breathing through a screen of tightly packed teeth - not fun for me or anyone within earshot.

On a happier note, we are all so very sick (Sean and Sophia have stomach bug) that my mom is staying an extra day!

Also I think we may have partially night-weaned Daphne...

Just wondering.... Were your docs at all concerned about going ahead with the surgery when you were so obviously sick? Were you?

I'm a coward. If this were me, after a night of barfing I would surely have called off the surgery.

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