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March 10, 2010


Ok I have to admit I was one of those folks who looked up your surgery on YouTube and watched several "transformations" that included before and afters.

But you, you look fantastic compared with the 2 or 3 blokes I saw! Sure, you look like you've changed occupation to prize fighter, but you look like you, just puffier. stuffier.

The other folks I saw had honestly looked like something out of a horror movie.

So I know you might feel terrible, but you look great dahlink.

You look much better than I expected given your description of yakking up a blood clot and straining it through your teeth.

That image will stay with me for a long time.

You really don't look too bad, but it does look like it hurts. :(

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Oh dear, you look very puffy and swollen, but I'm kind of glad to know that all that the doctors did was on the "inside" and there are no cuts and scars "outside."

As for the "smart" way of getting sick the day before the surgery, it's not such a bad idea actually... at least for those prone to getting way too anxious like me.

I have to agree that you look pretty damned good considering all you have been through.

Can you talk at all now? What do the girls think of quiet Mama? I think that would really freak my sons out (I talk/sing pretty much incessantly.)

I just had my bands loosened (couldn't breathe AT ALL), and now can talk a little better. Sophia can understand me. I did hear her say she missed my singin'...which is funny because usually she's telling me how much she doesn't like it.

I just want to give you (very gentle) hug. You're so brave.

Here's hoping for a very fast recovery. May you be singing for Sophia very soon.

You really don't look anywhere near as bad as you think. I hope a lot of milkshakes make you feel better very soon.

Hey, if it makes you feel better (it probably won't!) when my sister had that surgery, the doctors realized that at some point her nose had been broken so badly that they could only put a tube down one nostril. Obviously, they went with the breathing one, but that meant they couldn't do the one that's supposed to suck out some of the blood. So, she got to throw up ALL the blood caused by the surgery, through the wired shut mouth.

There, don't you feel better that it was only one blood clot?

Hope you feel better soon. On the plus side, she lost 15 lbs in the 6 weeks she was wired shut, and that was at a point in her life when she really couldn't afford to lose 15 lbs...

Extremely handsome doctors giving you Valium? It sounds like you went to the Promised Land not the OR. But seriously, man, you look very good considering what you've been through. Natalia said you looked pretty in your picture. And kids be telling the truth. I'm glad you made it through and wish you luck in the coming weeks.

I also had super hot males giving me the drugs! Is is supposed to relax you or what?

My day two post surgery photos are horrible. It only gets worse. From under my eyes to my nipples, I was bruised yellow. It was super attractive. You look not too bad, actually! Your face has handled the surgery very well! Hope you feel better!

Yeah, I look significantly more yellow and swollen than I did in that pic.

The really awful thing is that whatever GI bug I had has made its way through Sean, Sophia, and last night it got my mom! Sorry, Mom...

Refuah shleimah!

The surgery included work on your nose?

Well, I think they were just kinda up in there and straightened something out. I knew they had to go in through some of that soft tissue...

i think you look younger, like, 6.

...which would be great, if I knew nothing about what they did under that face. like my little miss my daughter says, "If you have to be two-faced, make one pretty."

and this post is hilarious.

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