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March 16, 2010


If this means that pie filling is now a go, I highly recommend this Girl Scout recipe:
1 #10 can cherry pie filling
1 box devil's food cake mix

I've never cooked it over anything but a campfire, but I'm sure any heat source would work. And given that this recipe is enough to feed an entire troop, you would have several days worth of deliciousness :)


You are progressing very fast compared with those folks on YouTube! Yay You!


My husband just had fuck-with-your-jawbones dental implant surgery on Monday, and on our boss's recommendation ate some sushi yesterday. It was successful.

I'm also planning to make him a Filipino-style congee called Arroz Caldo. I make it in the crock pot, with chicken broth, lots of garlic and ginger, some fish sauce and a cup or so of rice. It cooks for hours until the rice just falls apart and thickens the soup into a really comforting slurry. Normally it's served with hard-boiled eggs sliced in half... you could probably easily manage the yolk, but then again you can't get much less kosher than serving eggs in chicken soup, huh?

I'm glad you can eat. Eating rules.

No, Summer, eggs are pareve -- think of them as "neutral"!

I wonder if part of my rapid healing (the surgeon said: "Well, you look just a little bit better than you should!") has to do with the fact that I am up and around and chasing little monkeys and talk-talk-talking to them all day long?

You should totally make the butternut squash/parmesan pasta sauce from simplyrecipes.com. I have been looking for ANY excuse to eat that stuff with spoon. It is divine.

Dude! How can you not have posted a pic of said x-ray?!


Hooray for eating actual food! Good job healing!

I had wondered about that x-ray thing. The screws stay in forever, right? Cool, and weird. I'd love to see that x-ray.

Laura, we also make something fabulous with cherry filling but you bake it. Use a whole can of pie filling, a white cake mix and a melted stick of butter. Mix the butter and cake mix and spread half on the bottom of a 9x9, pour in pie filling, top with the rest of the butter/cake mix and bake until lightly browned. It's probably a million calories but so freaking good. Jo, you barely have to chew it.

Yea! There are quite a lot of delicious soft foods...mashed potatoes, ricotta cheese baked with spinach, garlic, and Parmesan, chocolate mousse...

That x-ray sound like it would make excellent wall art.

Hadn't realized your jaw isn't actually wired shut.

Do the screws stay in?

Eggs with chicken is fine.

Separating meat from dairy does not extend to separating fowl from eggs.

Laid eggs are parve, have neither a meat nor dairy designation.

Interestingly, unlaid eggs are meat.

Fish with chicken, however, is problematic, even with a kosher fish sauce.

I did *not* know about fish w/ chicken. Hm.

I'm going to have to take a picture of the hardware in my mouth. Wish I'd gotten a shot of the x-ray!

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