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March 12, 2010


wow Jo things sound crazy 'round there. i hope you can hang tough and have some extra help from the family. no fun!

If only they made pistachio pudding without the nuts. Hope you feel better soon and have help with the kids. xoxo

I'm sorry. That sucks. I hope you feel better soon or that the druggy dreams get more pleasant, or preferably both.

Just think how skinny you'll be! Sorry, I know it sucks. Has to get better from here, right? You really won't be able to eat for a month?

Nothing quite like knowing you can't eat something to make it seem appealing!

Keep healing well. It sounds very crummy. :(

If I remember correctly from my post-wisdom teeth removal days, the bruises will turn a nice sickly green soon...

I have vivid memories of taking and hating liquid penicillin as a child. (for ear infections, so it probably wasn't even necessary!)

So glad the surgery is over and you're on the road to recovery--I have been thinking of you and sending you good vibrations. :)

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