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April 01, 2010


i'm also a "peer breastfeeding counselor" and this looks like something i should try to get for our group's library. thanks for the review!

heh heh. we're all circumspect, birdie!

How does one get to be a peer breastfeeding counselor (or support person)?
I loves to get me into someone else's bidness and I was a working-pumping mom, so I'm always butting in telling people they can so nurse and go back to work and even if pumping doesn't work for you, you can nurse until you go back to work or nurse in the evenings once you're back and I'm like a record stuck on BOOBS all the time.

SarcastiCarrie, the public answer is check around with whatever local places offer breastfeeding support. The big one is La Leche League, but sometimes local hospitals or midwifery practices will offer peer support. Also WIC in some cities will train peer breastfeeding counselors.

I'mma email you privately, too.

Except I can't email you! So you email me!

I have to order a copy of this today. I am a WIC lactation specialist, a La Leche League leader and a doula. I have been struggling with cheat cards I made up while completing only the first level of rosetta stone. This seems to be a great resource. I can't wait to get it in my hands.

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