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April 22, 2010


I don't think I can go have lunch right now just thinking about this stuff. My stomach is turning as I write this. sigh. It must have been much harder to live through it. Would a "Waterpik" water jet thingy have helped? I think they start at 30 bucks, but still would be a small investment.

Heh. Mission accomplished.

I don't think a Water Pik would have helped much, because that thing is really just stuck to your teeth. Probably would have helped with the tiny particles, but the general scunge would have been about the same....

Green on the cheap, please!

Before money-and-time-sucking kiddos arrived on the scene, I was living a lovely bright kelly-green sort of lifestyle. Now it's more of a pale, pathetic pond-scum green.

You know, when you have those funny thoughts but done feel like posting, could you at least jot yourself a few notes for later? There's always a chance of recovering the magic.

I want to know how to start a compost for less and ten dollars... PLEASE? I was just going to research this, you could save me the trouble... ALSO what to do with a nursing, biting baby?

I'm about 6 months post surgery and I'm still not used to how my mouth feels now. It's kinda weird. But nice. But the elastics are pains in the ass, amirite? I keep losing mine and snapping them against my cheeks. Ow.

I love your candor, I really do. You are the awesome person that I could really ask anything, aren't you? (Don't worry, I won't!) But anyone who can write entertainingly about mouth curds and feces and didn't you get into tonsilloliths once ages ago? - You are good reading. Even if you don't feel purposefully funny - you are naturally fun and entertaining.

I vote for Green things. Eco-green, not mucus or poo.

Believe it or not, I've actually met the guy that movie is based on - he's the son of my husband's childhood music teacher. As you would expect, he's kind of a strange dude.

Congrats on the chompers!

Oh, yes, I first learned about those tonsil stone gross things here. Maybe 3 years ago. I've never been the same since. At least I now know what that little pale green thing that comes out of my mouth from time to time is now.

I'm really confused as to why a compost pile would cost anything to start. We have one. We took an old dog cage/crate that the previous homeowners left, removed the bottom and top so it's just like a big, rectangular fence and then started filling it with stuff like leaves and grass and newspaper, egg shells, cucumber peels, old tomato plants, apple cores, etc. We didn't do anything with layering, we never water it, only turn it twice a year (spring and fall) and still over time, we get wheel barrowsful of compost. So much compost that I have no idea where to use it all. I'm thinking of fixing the grade in one of the front flower beds with it to make it slope *away* from the house.

I would enjoy some "green on the cheap" and while you're at it more period jokes. You could even combine the two with some sort of home knitted tampon project.

oh definitely how to write funny some of the time. i need that.

B. And how compost piles can not stink, please.

omg wth? I keep commenting these LONG comments on my own posts and they disappear! sarcasticarrie FTW -- that's just it. also if your pile is good it really won't stink! promise! (though the bucket in your kitchen might.)

Oh the bucket in the kitchen is the worst. Absoluetely disgusting. I must get better about empting it. I must make it the child's job. He can have a chore and learn responsibility and I will no longer have decaying, molding ooze on the counter.

Oh, and if you don't happen to have a spare dog cage around, we used four snow fence posts and some left over snow fence for our compost bin at our house in Ohio. You can get that stuff for free in the spring from many places that use snow fence for the winter.

Oh, and if your pile smells, I think it's too close to the house. I mean it's too wet. Maybe?

Put some leaves on it and don't go over there for a few days.

I will be at your class.



This post makes me actually regret having just barely run across your blog while looking for something else that wasn't this. Because I am grossed out and compelled to laugh at the same time, which is a great combo.

Coming back to check Kori's comment.

oh, and thanks to responding to mine (about the waterpik). I don't remember who said it up there, but she's absolutely right -- the way you blog makes me feel like I can ask you anything in the world (and I almost did, a few times, at least in my head).

And no one is going to read this comment, but I'll say it anyway -- those of us who know you in person (even if only for an hour a month for a few months a year ;-) know that you really are just an awesome person and an awesomer blogger.

Night it totally like being stoned. I'm a night person. You can keep the stoner effect if you don't sleep much also. That might be my bipolarity talking.

Something about you comes across--something charming, unpretentions, smart, funny...very alive. The Bloggess is a genius. And I mean that in the actual sense--she's a comic genius. She's the only big blogger that I bother to read. And I feel like blogs are not her metier, in a way--because they force you to make shit up like, CONSTANTLY. And that's not what a comic has to do, usually. So the fact she can do that?

Anyway, are you annoyed that I'm raving about her. I LOVE YOOOOU.

I don't comment as often as I should... because really I should let you know how much I love all the weirdness that feels absolutely wonderfully normal to me. And the funny-ness. And the gross-ness. Those things are the best!

I had a Rapid Palate Expander back in my orthodontia years, and that piece of plastic would trap anything and everything against the roof of my mouth. My brother endlessly mocked the voracious sucking I had to do to dislodge the chunks.

Your teeth are gonna be so purdy!

Oh, and also, Magnetic Fields.

OMG your teeth! What happened :S:S:S

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