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May 03, 2010


Gulp. I'm glad you are safe. But my stomach is sinking over all the folks who aren't, and the environmental damage being done.

Ugh. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Floods. Exploding oil wells. What next?

Glad you're ok - that's an apocalyptic amount of rain!

Yeah, Tine, I know. Among the things I saw flooded were these big holding tanks, don't know whether they were full of gas or oil or some other chemical. I mean, every toxic thing the water rolled over (chemical plants, gas stations, who knows what else) ends up in the river and on downstream.

Bad news.

Wow. In time like these, you must be glad to not have a basement!

Glad to hear you're OK. That situation is seriously scary.

I work as a nurse in the Bellevue area. We had families who came to visit who walked soaking wet through the rain-who had lost everything. We had so many patients who no longer have a place to go home to. Employees who lost everything they had worked so hard for. The McCrory lane bridge is how we go see my in-laws. It's just crazy. I am so thankful that my family is safe. Glad to know you are safe too.

Oh gosh, Diana. Glad you're safe.

I'm so glad ya'll are safe and dry. I was just at the Opryland for a conference a week ago--the damage there is incredible, and sad.

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