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May 28, 2010


Wow... what a week! I feel tired just reading this post and mind you that we're in the middle of packing our whole house for moving and finishing up cyber schooling at the same time.

Anyway, I might need the name of that shampoo!

Hi, my comment does not have to do with your post today, but as I visited this family's blog, my heart is so tight, in pain for this parents. So I decided to do something and leave this comment on all the blogs I read... I don't know if it will or not, but I wish I could do something. As a mom, I can't imagine being separated from my baby, please sign te petition... I'm so hertbroken for this family! Maybe if we spread the word in the blogsphere... maybe something good will happen soon. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/return-dominic-johansson-to

It has been a crazy week for about everyone I know. Wonder why?

Yeah, uh- make goat stew while your kids are young enough to go along with it. Now my teens fall on the floor in convulsions if they even *smell* fish, or if I even say the word FISH. Sheesh.

Please, please tell me what the name of your Whole Foods shampoo. Major flakiness here. I'm tired of the $30 copay for Rx stuff

It's JASON Dandruff Relief, and it does have a faint weird lingering odor (like a match head) but if you use a scented conditioner you won't notice. We have tried literally everything, from antifungals to vinegar and baking soda, and this is the only thing that helps us.

We buy it from Whole Foods or other health food stores, where it usually runs about $12 a bottle, but I just found this link for around $6:

Also, those little stinkers won't touch stuff as it is -- Daphne will eat anything but Sophia will eat boiled eggs and strawberries and that's about it.

I've had weeks like that, sometimes months. Mine usually involve a Boston Terrier with explosive diarrhea, lice, broken dish washers and quite possibly MY MOTHER coming to visit! So I feel you, and I'm sorry.

I had a root canal, emergency style, back in October. I originally thought it was an ear ache or sinus infection, but finally landed at the dentist with a massive infection that had to be treated immediately. At the first visit I was told by the receptionist who said she called my insurance company that my entire out of pocket expenses would be about $800. She said they covered half of the crown and all but $200 of the procedure. By the time I got billed I owed them almost $1800. How? Well, she didn't really call the insurance company, she just assumed that I had the expanded dental package, which I don't. And since I don't I was responsible for the entire cost of the $1000 crown, plus the entire cost of the crown post, plus my deductible, plus a few hundred more dollars just for shits and giggles. I'm still paying it off, little bits at a time, when I can. But thankfully they're very understanding and continue to see my kids for their routine dental stuff.

Look at it this way, at least you have a swingset.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

I want to go lie down on the couch just reading about it. In fact, think I will.


OK, back now. Hang in there. As an aside, have you checked out the latest New Yorker in all of your copious spare time? Because there's a interesting Jerome Groopman article about the hazards of plastic, which totally made me think of you.

Maybe I'll be inspired and try to send you a photocopy.


Thanks for the link to the shampoo! we'll probably try it!

P.S. I had overlooked the title last time -- yeah, I think you could totally do public service. ;-)

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