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June 28, 2010


My father is also fascinated by the Urantia Book. I have to admit that I am shocked to see it mentioned here; I thought that was my dad's personal weirdness.

When I was younger, my dad gave me his (very old) copy and told me to read it when I was ready to know "the truth." I did read it as a teen, and I am sure I did not understand even a fraction of it.

Wow... well, good to know he's on his way to "normal" although it's hard to predict what that's gonna be. I do hope he makes a full recovery and gets to live close by.

So did you email the televangelists?

My Dad wrote me from the state hospital (new way of saying maximum security nuthouse) and described in great deal 1) a cure for AIDS, 2) how to alloy gold from common metal. Both involve the use of dial soap and one of them involves putting it on your asshole. Nice, right? Gotta love The Crazy.

AHAHAHA Micaela!

Melissa, I did not; I suggested he discuss it with the pastor at his "church home." What a poor sport, huh?

Lilian and Ariella...yeah. Normal. The Urantia Book, from what I can discern, is like Dianetics run through a Book of Mormon filter and injected with a lot of early 20th century eugenics. Thankfully my dad seems to be on the "it's bunk" side, but...why exactly are we contacting televangelists about this?

A stevedore's forearm?! Holy (ahem) crap!

Hey Jo, did you see that article in the NYT last week about elderly people going a little insane in the hospital? 20/20 hindsight, that was exactly why my dad kept muttering about "matter-shifting machines" and deciding I was "one of them", etc, etc. Might not be relevant to your dad, but just wanted to throw it out there in case it was helpful . . .

As nurse I always like to see patients enjoying their pain meds. I work in pallative care and hear some very amusing and interesting theories on life and the universe. I take it as an indication that I have them nicely dosed up and feeling good.

I love your blog. Glad to hear your dad is over the surgery hump.

Ah the mad crapper...I'm still convinced it was Dad himself. You should probably also email Jack Lalanne (sp?) regarding those books. And as far as buying a ticket, I'm pretty sure we have already front row seats and back stage passes.

Weet, why do you not have your own blog yet? You could call it WEETA AND THE BUTT.

I think about it, sometimes.

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