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August 03, 2010


As you brilliantly said on facebook when sharing the same dismal story: it's the only means of expression... because children canNOT speak, sing, paint, color, draw, build things, invent games, etc, etc, etc!

Oh man... well, at least the color of the shirt and the tights will speak for them, right? :-P

Oh man. I HATE dealing with the parents of my kids' classmates. The judging, the cliques, thank God for summer!

Oh, thank you for letting me know I'm not the only Sonic-loving, occasionally screaming mom whose kids know all the words to Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb, and several other theme songs!

Amen sister! I used to live in Seattle, where only "diverse" schools (i.e. those in neighborhoods with non-white (i.e. poor) kids) have uniforms. Our neighborhood school happened to diverse – thus: uniforms. Some parents cited this as a reason for not picking this school (can you say "red herring") ... that due to the uniform policy, their super special snowflakes would lack for creative self-expression outlets. Oy. My daughter went through at least 3 costume changes a day in Kindergarten – uniform notwithstanding. (And yes, tights *are* a great vehicle for demonstrating flair!) Now I live in Australia where EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL - public, private, rich, poor, "diverse", homogenous – has a uniform policy. And believe you me, Aussie kids are just as self-expressive as Yanks!

I totally agree, and so well said! My kids wear uniforms at their Catholic school, and it makes my life THAT much easier. I find enough battles with the four of them that I am glad we can eliminate the, "You are NOT wearing that to school!" battle daily.
Besides, if clothing is the only way that people can express themselves, then there's no hope for any of us... ;)

Really, you should pity the poor child because it certainly can't be easy being raised by such a completely vapid moron.

Your kid certainly has the better deal.

She sounds like a woman I know... I asked her if she wanted to join in on a co-op order for stainless steel lunch containers. She proceeded to lecture me on the dangers of BPA, lead, and vinyl, that I should really think about not using plastic, and if I were caring enough to send my daughter to an in-home daycare rather than a facility, they would let me send her food in pyrex containers.

I didn't even know what to say, other than to stammer, uh... we do use pyrex, and BPA free plastics for cold foods.

She's not an idiot, per se, just a control freak. Who knows everything. And needs you to know that she knows everything. But really, she's just looking out for the kids.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will say stuff like that TO YOUR FACE IN REAL LIFE. Like, there is no possible motive for saying that except to say "ME GOOD MAMA, YOU BAD" and I just don't understand why anyone would be like that. (This is why I had so much trouble in middle school, I guess.)

The "other mothers" days have begun. Time to post mantras on your mirror and polish your self-confidence. Or pretend that you are the nanny and avoid the pain.

Oh man. Who asked you what you thought about my kid's attire, lady?

I have never gotten the whole "well WE do THIS" thing unsolicited from other parents. It has to be insecurity; she was worried that you were somehow going to come off as the Better Mom.

I've gotten remarkably little of this so far, but I've decided that's because my glasses/distracted frown make me look meaner than I am.

She's like the lady who, when I was on maternity leave, said I should be willing to live on popcorn and Kool-Aid so that I could stay home with my son.

As if the only thing my paycheck was paying for was filet mignon, champagne, and, of course, the cake that I thought she should eat.

sometimes people say things like that because they wish they were true, and to deflect judgement rather than (or as well as) lay it on. In my awkwardness I'm sure I said something like this and meant it totally to reach out and commiserate..

Wait, me, are you saying that was you? Or are you referring to another incident?

I've definitely put my foot in my mouth before and said all kinds of stupid shit.

I'm actually just glad to hear that she lets her kid dress herself. Obviously she didn't know that you do the same, but still...it's not all bad. And she may have misplaced "the only" with "one of the only"??

Heh, heh, heh. Welcome to Nashville. Second to maybe L.A., we have more child *talent* famous star wanna bees than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, this is one kid talent pushing town, and my family is so, well, not the sequins and boas kind of folks. At least not sober. For God's sake, Reece Witherspoon was groomed at Harpeth Hall, y'all. Again, welcome, and dig out those tap shoes.

Yeah, juliag, I hear what you're saying. I just -- haven't run into any parents yet who *don't* let their kids dress themselves, at least to some degree, and it seemed very clearly pointed at me -- something about the tone, and coming right on the heels of my proclamation of support for standard school attire.

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