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August 12, 2010


Talking about laundry is not foreplay?

Heck, for my husband looking at him and then looking up the stairs in the direction of our marital bed is foreplay enough.

Oh my gosh! I feel the exact same way about this show. You described it exactly. One exception- I am still nursing my 10 month old and there was something very newborn rooting-like about when Bill went after Sookie's arm in the back of the truck. I seriously had too look away and felt sick to my stomach. But Eric Northman- OH YEAH!!

Oh my GOD, Diana, I think that EVERY TIME I see vampires feeding!~ They all look like nursing babies, especially nursing toddlers! (Just you wait... ;) )

LOVE the show! I record and watch on Monday nights. I feel a little crushy about Sookie's werewolf "friend". Of course, after the end of this weeks episode looks like wolfman is out. CRAP.

Gawd. I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one having to will herself not to discuss the school lunch program as part of foreplay. I tell ya, I think of the *most* inapppropriate things to say whilst rolling in the hay.

So does this mean it's okay that both Edward and Jacob rock my socks? Because I'm 32 and I was afraid that was a little creepy!?

Haha I love it! I've had a crush on Eric since I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse book series... and was actually disappointed when I saw "True Blood" after reading the books b/c as pretty as Alexander Skarsgard is, no one could live up to the Eric Northman of my mind! You have to read the books, they are a ton of fun (though cannot be classified as literature in ANY way), particularly book four, otherwise known as "The Eric Book."

I loved the books (totally not literature, but still good), but I just cannot get into the TV show.

How bad is it that I have a thing for the Doctor? As in, THE Doctor in Doctor Who. David Tennant is my favorite, but even Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith will do.

Ahem. Yes, I am a dork.

Yeah I feel the same way about True Blood. I usually need a glass of wine to calm down enough to watch.
I feel bad about teasing my twi-hard friends now. My crush on Eric Northman knows no bounds. Even my very straight (duh) partner has been know to proclaim "God he's hot. I'd do him" heh.

Like Dawn, I am all about the werewolf Alcide. Never fear -- according to IMDB, he'll be back for one more episode in September! And hopefully he will once again become of werewolf, which will *conveniently* allow for nudity.

I totally get this. I have a massive crush on Eric Northman, and I actually resent my husband's presence in the room when I watch it.

And with the addition of Alcide... OMG.


Not to disappoint you, but they're speaking modern Swedish in at least some of those scenes. Anyway, I was living in Sweden at the time I was watching, watching the series on Swedish TV - they don't dub, just run subtitles. I should add that I'm fluent in Swedish (and as a native of Nashville, I'm pretty familiar with the Southern vernacular also).

Anyway, one of those scenes came on, the Swedish subtitles disappeared, and suddenly they're speaking perfect Swedish? I thought I was having a stroke until my husband, convulsed with laughter, explained who Alexander Skarsgard was...

Yeah, there are a whole bunch of scenes from True Blood that I can call to mind anytime I need them. Thank you, HBO. Last week had me wanting to wake my very overworked, over-tired husband, just for a little while. Glad I'm a very self-sufficient person.

Awesome, Shelley! The innernet done me wrong -- but that's okay, I wasn't actually gonna dig out the books.

(I might still go to Ikea though.)

Mary, hahahahaha!

Oh this made me LAUGH. This was me, two years ago. The first episode aired when I was smack in the midst of The Worst Teething Bout Ever (lasted 12 months) and I was delirious with sleep loss. Loved the show, watched episodes overandover and read the books at 2am via booklight as I walked the house holding my suffering boy.

And I too totally got that teenager-y tummy feeling. Very funny to re-experience that at 39, but hey, at least I know it's still possible!

Brains and their chemistry: crazy powerful stuff.

And oh yes, suddenly Sweden.

Not a fan of Alcide, who is very hot and sweet, but seems to be more than a little dumb. That could be just the writing, but man.

But I'm with you. Last week's "And now for the weather...Tiffany?" ending made me die, from the awesomeness.

And if I had been able to see that many hot nekkid men as a teen girl..whoo boy.

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