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August 19, 2010


Today was Chuckles's first day at kindergarten too.

Back when I started reading infertility blogs by whale oil lamp in the olden days of 2003 and 2004, 2010 seemed so far away. And here we are.

My son starts kindergarten a week from Monday. It seems so...soon. What a long, strange trip it's been since those dark days of 2003/4.

I don't have to worry about kindergarten until next year. Although it is sort of weird to think that if one of those earlier cycles had worked, the kid* would be starting now (well, after Labor Day). Crazy. I feel like we should take fall vacations! and cherish this time! and I dunno, but other stuff that is unlikely to happen, what with the unemployment and lack of patience.

*who would be a totally different kid, of course

I think there is something about almost 5 bc mine is srsly getting on my nerves, too! And school doesn't start for another 3 whole weeks. For the first time I've been grateful not to be a SAHM!

Today was the boys' second day -- for Linton, the second day ever. Yesterday he thought it was boring, but today he was much happier about school. I don't think it will be easy on him, though because he loves to play (and eat) above all things. I'm glad he was home for kindergarten -- it would have been too much for him (especially considering he has a May 30 birthday).

I hope the crash is not that terrible. I'm thrilled that Kelvin has always loved school, he's thrilled about his teacher, etc. And I know for a fact, after a really, REALLY hard year, that home or cyber-schooling is not for me (I highly recommend cyber-schooling for other types of people, BTW. It is richer academically than regular school).

Oh, when Kelvin went to Kindergarten Linton missed him terribly (he was 3 at the time and we had just moved). Does Daphne miss Sophia?

That sounds great- I'm glad she's enjoying it. How does Daphne feel about big sis being gone all day?

on trixie's second day of kindergarten, i asked if it was as good as the first. she shook her head solemnly and said, "no, mama. it was gooder."

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