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September 19, 2010


phew!!! Even I, distant friend and blog reader, feel relieved to read that. phew!

I don't have any suggestions for you, though. (especially costing 10 or less ;-).

P.S. I don't wear/like animal prints, but I think those shoes are awesome! (It helps that I LOVE Mary Janes with a passion).

Oh those shoes are divine. I LOVE Mary Janes so much. I'm glad your mecury issues are better, too. But mostly? SHOES! Beautiful.


Damn phone commenting!

Build a sukkah!

it would be awesome for you to loan me those ten dollars. i'll pay 'em right back.

Ha! Yes, the sukkah is in the making!

I'm not really one for shoes. Or, more specifically, shoes costing more than $30. But those were cute. And then I read that they run wide! With ample room for toe wiggling! And I actually thought about possibly buying them, but $109 is my entire one year's clothing wardrobe for shoes, pants, undies, socks, etc. So I would get nothing else this year. Tough call.

Yeah, that's why I run the sidebar ads. I'm all about the filthy lucre.

You know, I wish I could find shoes that cost less than that -- I can't wear anything with a sole that is at all flexible, and have wide feet, and a tendency to fall down a lot. If anyone knows of any firm-soled shoes that are not so spendy, I would be most grateful for the recommendation.

Anything you like as long as you're happy with it.

My feet are the complete opposite of yours and yet I have the same trouble finding shoes. My feet are narrow, especially at the heel. Mary Janes have never, ever fit me. Indeed, I seldom can find cute shoes, and any shoe that fits cost an arm and a leg.

I have no ideas about how to usefully spend $10. Any cash I ever have gets spent at the farmer's market. Which is useful for feeding the family, but really more about fun for me.

And now I need to get back to painting the baseboards since my mom took the kids for the morning.

Leopard's totally a neutral.

I needed something too. I got out the Halloween decorations from last year, and then went to Target and spend at least $40 on some more. But at least for me a huge skull shaped cooked jar is TOTALLY year round. as are the skeleton arm salad servers.

It's still a hundred degrees here too, which blows, I don't even want to go outside, but when the heat breaks I've got some fiber dyeing experiments just waiting in the wings. Good for kids and relatively cheap, that is if you happen to have the raw materials laying around.

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