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October 27, 2010


How about some gin in Daphne's sippy?

Or some gin in Mama's sippy...

The unbearable part for me seems to be the really exciting part, about 7 months to I don't remember when because the baby is only 10 months, but her brother was probably somewhere around 18 months when I felt better. All I know is I am tired and cranky and loving her amazing developments but kind of wishing she'd cut it out.

In short, SOLIDARITY, SISTER. Our older children lead me to believe we will get through, as unlikely as it seems right now.


Target sells these little juice boxes of wine. I like the Sangria for afternoon.

i am right there with ya. at his grandma's house the other day, while everyone else exclaimed over his cuteness, i found myself rolling my eyes and finding reasons to leave the room. and i don't feel badly. we're with them all the damn time, and solely (almost) responsible for the discipline, the care, the feeding...and some days i'm just over it. this mama has a bottle of tequila and a 2-liter of fresca for about 6pm.

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