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February 11, 2011


Ladybug Picnic! Yay!! Except I must disagree about its placement in the Western Musical Achievement Hall of Fame. Ladybug Picnic takes 2nd place, after Pinball #12 by the Pointer Sisters. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZshZp-cxKg)

Oh my god I adore "Ladybug Picnic" (the old version - NOT the new one. The new one is an abomination unto Henson, verily). J.Q. and I often sing it in tandem... "One two three!... your turn!" "Oh! Four five siiiiiix!" "Seven eight nine!" "I WANNA DO THE 'BZZZ, BZZZZ' PART!", etc.

A close second is the Count's song wherein all of his little Muppet-bats flap their wings (with the help of very-visible monofilament) and squeak, "Batty batty batty batty batty bat!"

Ahhh. Good times.

Shout out to Ladybug Picnic which I am currently singing to myself!

We sing Pinball #12...all the time. I sing that while filing things numerically as well.

And I heard a horrible rumor that cookie monster now doesn't eat cookies but carrots, and really, I'm sort of horrified to go and verify whether the rumor is true.

Oh, please do come to twitter. I know I was all, "Don't go to twitter because I'll never be able to read you again." But now, I'm all like, "#snOMG, @twitter, it's snowing again. what's up homeys? #longwinter" So, right.

Also, PCOS means I am perpetually in a state of fighting back teenage acne. I still do not know whether the ance cream goes under or over the anti-wrinkle cream. Also, I must learn to stop picking. DoctorMama says to get a lower wattage light bulb in the bathroom, but then I cannot pluck the PCOS-incuded facial hair. Decisions. Either way, I am one hot mama.

SarcastiCarrie, RIGHT? I was just thinking about that this morning, tweezers in hand.

Tine, granted. I will give you the pinball 12. Jul, I will put batty bats at #3.

Is there really a new Ladybug Picnic? SeriouslY?

I find plucking facial hair to be easiest in the car. Something about the lighting and the placement of the mirror.

And I just have the terrible skin all the time now, for no reason I can determine.

Oh, I had great skin while nursing. Do you think I could relactate just for that? And for the sweaters? To fill out the sweaters? If I am filling out sweaters, I doubt anyone would notice the hair on my chin.

My mother-in-law has a back bathroom with a window and the light comes in just so....and I find the hair on my chin while at her house.

First off, now I want a kit kat. Must go raid childrens leftover hallowen candy.

We youtube the old sesame street classics like lady bug picnic and 1 - 12 pinball often. My all-time favorite though is "Me and My Llama"


Ah, the 70s.

Oh, Gina, even without clicking I know that song! I sing it all the time in my head!

SarcastiCarrie, I know. The bathroom at my MIL's house is that way, and I can practically see through my skin. It's wonderful!

Yesterday I watched Sesame Street with Ben, my first viewing in yeeears -- Charlie never took to it -- and I was AGHAST. That flying fairy shit? The Claymation Bert and Ernie? WRONG. Really, really wrong.

I'm an "On the Subway" girl myself:


As a little girl I had no idea what a subway was; I just knew I dug that funky groove.

i was just singing ladybug picnic to Philip this morning! and we watch a LOT of old school Street on youtube...pinball, ladybug, the crayon factory. THE CRAYON FACTORY.

and even Philip knows the new Street sucks. He doesn't care for it at all. Now if only he would feel the same way about Caillou.

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