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February 01, 2011


Boobs. They're a blessing and a curse.

I'm basically boobless. At my most voluptuous (while nursing), I wore an A cup. The only reason I wore a bra then was to hold the nursing pads in place. Now the only reason I wear a bra is for the padding, which makes me look less like a teenage boy. I'd kind of like to look a little more feminine.

On the other hand, I don't actually NEED bras, which saves me a whole lotta money. And I guess I won't be sagging either. That would require some measurable mammary volume. :)

Congratulations! Having always been on the smallish side, I thought I would welcome the voluptuousness of nursing and pregnancy weight gain. As it turned out, I just kept bumping "sensitive areas" on door frames and stuff. Hated it. I was thrilled when they deflated and still hope they'll get smaller if I lose a little more weight.

Oh, I'm with Tine; I mercifully have been able to use tank tops for nursing bras (6 $5 tank tops ruined = one cheap nursing bra = worth it). And also? I can't WAIT until it is possible to convince my toddler that the Boob Factory is CLOSED.

Yeah, I sort of miss the days of 34B (that was in high school, sigh). When not wearing a bra was an option. Now even in my deflated state, it is VERY obvious if I don't, even under a sweatshirt.

Maybe I can just...roll them up like butterfly tongues. I'd give anything to serve on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

After nursing 3, my boobs are smaller than they were in high school. With practically no structural integrity. Yeah, it's really hot. I wouldn't change a day of nursing, but, by the looks of it, my body is a battleground, ladies...

I can only imagine what will happen to mine someday. Somewhere, a while back, I read a three time mother describe her breasts as beaver tails. Which she had to roll up to stick in a bra. Heh.

The only 32 bras I've ever found at Target (aside from a few nursing styles that go up to DD on their website) have been on the training bra rack in the girls section. Maybe I'll shrink down to a AA, and then I'll be all set!

I believe those are referred to as 32Long.

oh man, i just lost my boobs too. and somehow, during some pregnancy or new-baby fueled delusion, i THREW AWAY all my bras. or maybe donated them. anyway, i have one old, stretched out nursing bra (which i am wearing now! and yes, could hold a couple tangerines) and a few tanktops with shelf bras. i am trying to tell myself it is ok to spend the money to get some that fit right, and it always just seems like so much. however, i am pretty sure my husband wouldn't think twice about buying new underwear. sigh.

AHAHA 32 long! Love it! And beaver tails!

Brenna, yes. Structural integrity! At least they'll be easy to scan in a mammogram. I won't even need a machine, I'll just have to hold one up to a strong light.

hahaha beaver tails. That ain't right.

If I ever have the money and know I am done kidwise, I would seriously consider a boob reduction/lift. They don't need to be bigger, and I don't want them actually to reach my waistline.

Small, non-floppy boobs just sounds awesome. Sigh.

i am DEFINITELY getting a reduction/lift after i'm all done nursing. because it's the only thing that makes me able to look at them in the mirror: the prospect of future improvement.

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