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March 18, 2011


You're the funniest reproductive system blogger ever! ;) I bet you relished having this topic to write about as much as you enjoyed helping the training midwife learn. Now I get the part about networking. ;)

I really hope that someday it'll be you there training. Too bad you're unlikely to have as awesome a patient as you would have been!

I <3 my Paraguard. I wasn't sure the first few months when I thought I was going to bleed to death, while coincidentally my hormones went apeshit post weaning, so that was NOT FUN. But once my tiny copper referee settled in there and I forced my hormones into submission with vitamins and vitex, it's all good. :)

This would make a great poem, this paraguardian referee business. This guarding of the womb, blockinging the longing to procreate. Yeah!

I am happy for your most excellent IUD installation. I am, however, disappointed that you have no bleeding-down-the-pant-leg-while-giving-a-PowerPoint-presentation story to tell. ;)

Ah, Tine...presentation day more than made up for it...that's going to be a whole post of itself!

I love my paraguard too! I refer to mine as a wee copper scarecrow, only for embryos.

I haven't had kids, so I got magical cramping for about 48 hours after insertion while my uterus figured out what the hell was going on. By magical I mean "oh God oh God we're all going to die".

I find non-hormonal IUDs fascinating. They seem almost...magical. If something happens to Hubby's SNIPSNAP plans, I think I'd go for paraguard too.

Rosemary, scarecrow! Awesome!

And I imagine your uterus was all like, "Ma'am! Ma'am, your keys! You forgot your KEYS IN HERE OH GOD DYING"

HaHa, funny stuff you guys. Jo, you do sound like a fabulous patient!

I also have Paraguard, as it seemed like the ONLY option that would be tolerable, given my past experiences with hormonal BC and my worries about affecting milk supply. Its been in 2+ years, and I still love it. Though my hormonal non-rational brain frequently wishes it would magically disappear. What with the packing up of baby/toddler clothes, and all...

I'm glad your insertion was non-traumatic. There are certainly some horror stories out there about all that, aren't there? I just had my Mirena IUD removed, after its designated 5 year hibernation inside me. Neither the insertion nor the removal bothered me at all. And no periods at all in those 5 years (hardly any in the last 8 years, with 2 babies in less than 2 years). While I'm now 39 and think any more kids are extremely unlikely for a number of reasons, I felt a LOT better getting an IUD at 34 than I would have getting "fixed". Giving away those toddler clothes is still an experience though, isn't it?

What did bother me tremendously was that a few days ago (a month after the removal) I saw my life flash before my eyes when I sleepily stumbled into the bathroom one morning, peed, wiped, then happened to glance down before flushing. OHMIGAWD!!!! I'm bleeding to death!!!!! Oh. Oh, wait. I've been here before. It's just that I was 11 that time. Ewww, gross. Well, hell. I guess menopause ain't here quite yet and I'd better do something about that, huh? Ah, the joys of womanhood.

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