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March 16, 2011


This may not apply to you, since you've had babies and I haven't, and you're getting a copper IUD and I got Mirena, but after I got my IUD inserted I was knocked flat on my ass by the cramping. It was really quite unpleasant, and lasted for hours. The ten-minute drive home was... not something I'd like to do again, and I certainly couldn't have and didn't go back to work that day, though I had planned to. Still! That might be a never-pregnant-no-babies thing, so best of luck to you!

What do the dog and cat think of the turtle and chickens? ("Ooh, what tasty-looking snacks!" I'm thinking.)

And yes. I too am dying to know why I keep finding things tied up all over the house. Around here it's not socks -- its random toys tied together with any strings, yarn, laces, or scarves are within reach.

I kind of hope your A&P "teacher" (I read your FB description of this jerk) does call on you as soon as you arrive. Because if you carry out your threat, it'll make for a great blog post!

Ha! Tine, yes -- if it goes like Jessica's, I intend to stand up in front of the class dripping blood out the leg of my pants and periodically doubling over in pain...while I point to the meticulously cited diagram of a uterus to show everybody where the little metal whatsis goes.

Also, frankly, he is a 25-year-old kid, this TA. And he came slouching in twenty minutes late wearing a t-shirt and a ballcap and tried to be everybody's friend and people didn't respect him AT ALL (except for me and the Good Student crowd) so now he's trying to wrest control back into his own hands by being an uncompromising hardass.

I think he's in way over his head. In a different school environment he might have been okay, but 2/3 of the class is not particularly invested in being there. To put it charitably.

Jessica, I'm pre-gaming with 600 mg of ibuprofen, but if things get really hairy I'm 5 minutes away from Sean's office -- I figure I can call him to come collect me if I need to.

I'm nor sure how the copper will go but when I got the Mirena last year, all I had was some minimal cramping. Heavy spotting was a bit more annoying and lasted 8? weeks, or a bit more. But I LOVE not having to worry about birth control or ending up oops! pregnant. Knowing for sure no more babies really is like mentally cleaning house. Awesome.

Aaaaand it's rescheduled! YAY!

The doc's appointment was re-scheduled?

I had no problems at all at my Mirena replacement 1.5 year ago. No pain whatsoever (one removed, another one inserted).

Congrats on the GRE!! When I did it there was verbal, math and logic or whatever that "logical reasoning" thing was called. I got 800+ in the logic and one of the other two, can't remember which, probably the verbal). I do well with testing, that's all. (the only thing I studied was the vocab words).

Yep, I had to call every day, but finally hit upon a cancellation. So I don't have to worry about the class now. How...irritating this all has been.

And yay for you, Lilian! That's awesome!

agreed- don't know what it is, but "the answer to chaos
IS more chaos" : my family thinks we're crazy for every new project we take on, but with kids and animals and gardening, school...the more I have on my plate the more focused I am on balancing it all, and yes, my Chickens are the easiest inhabitants of the household too....it's all work, but at least the work involved with them is straightforward and quickly rewarded...not so much with the raising of little humans.

EXACTLY, Heather.

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