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March 21, 2011


awww... what a lovely post! And good to know you in the computer and in "real life" too!

The only part I didn't like was that one about having sisters. :( **jealous**!!

I'm thankful for lots of things too... but too tired to type them up right now. Thanks for the prompt, though. I need to remember to be more thankful (and mostly, I am, but verbalizing the thankfulness helps, doesn't it?).

I complain constantly but know how lucky I am. I have a hardworking, silly, fun, fabulous, lovable spouse. I have two healthy kids who crack me the heck up even whilst driving me nuts. I have a computer, which allows me to not only work from home but also make friends from here! (*waving*) Although spring refuses to arrive here, I have a warm house, enough clothes for 5 of me, and food in the crockpot. It's spring break, which means I kind of *have* to play instead of work. Life is good. :)

I am thankful to have a 20 year anniversary coming up this summer. And to have survived my hardest parenting years and doing a whole lot of enjoying the kids. And that I am learning to enjoy moments- just moments, while they last.

...for a marriage to a person who loves me for the core of my personality, and thinks my flaws are tolerable!

...for kids that are the light of my life.

...for work that I continue to be passionate and excited about, even a decade in.

...for supportive family and friends, and the current (knock wood) good health of all of them.

...for a REALLY good dog.

...for having enough money to cover all the basics and having a little left over to give to others; "play" with our house; go out to eat; and take the odd vacation.

...for dancing.

...for spring finally being here!

...for working in my yard.

...for two reliable cars.

...for living in a city I love.

I'm sure there's more, but I should probably get back to work! :-)

i second the sister thing. and the mom thing. and the dad thing. and the children thing. and cried with love and joy at the whole thing.

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