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May 30, 2011


Jo, this is beautiful. "Everybody and his camera and her uterus and their urban farm..." I want to tape that sentence to my wall.

I know the last thing you need right now is another project, but if you ever decide to do an actual indie zine-y piece of quarter-size goodness I can put you in touch with a bookstore in NY that carries a nice selection of zines. Just sayin'... =)

I just wanted to come out of I dont know how many years of lurkdom to say thanks for sharing your story. The entire vagina posse really saved my sanity 5 years ago during my own IF. I can't thank you enough. It made a HUGE difference having these smart and fucking hilarious women forging the way and turning a traumatic experience into something I could laugh about (even if I was crying at the same time). I never want to go back to those times, but you ladies all hold a very special place in my heart even though you have never heard of me. I've enjoyed reading about your happily-ever-after too, and wish you and your family all the best as you (from my point of view, at least) ride off into the sunset (or, you know, get on with real life and all).

I miss the IndieZine world that was blogging back in the day, but I know that newbies are finding their own new-blog-community Zines all the time (God, I hope they are, there are enough writers still starting, it's got to be possible) and I'm reconciled to the idea that all things change, and it's OK to move on.

I'll miss you. I'm glad it's not 2004/2005 anymore, but I'm glad to have been there, too.

I have a friend who just started blogging, and it's all sunshine and roses and encouraging and uplifting prose. She wants me to start writing as well, but I remember when blogs were dark and funny and tragic and made me laugh... and helped me to deal with my grief. I'm afraid I'm ruined- and damned grateful for it. And for you.

I am hearing you loud and clear. I am a fan of your writing. Which is why I'm having a hard time letting go of the idea of this space. I come here every day to make sure you haven't written something new. This is not a 'blog' to me, and definitely NOT a 'mommyblog'(I detest that term.) This is a space where I can reach out and touch my friend Jo and glimpse into her world. This is so much more than a blip on Facebook. I beseech you to keep writing- if not here, then somewhere. I need you.

I'll miss you but am so grateful to have been reading you since the Vagina Posse days.

I'm with everyone else. This is a sad day and yet, I get exactly where you're coming from. Blogging did used to be something special and I would not trade the community I have from it for anything in the world, but... man... it's different now.

I get it. But that doesn't mean I won't miss your blogging... This here weblog thingy has helped me through some rough times over the years. It has really made me think, too -- about birth, parenting, feminism, health, taking better care of my slice of Earth. Like Melissa, I hope you will continue writing (longer pieces) somewhere, if not here. Your FB posts are just as funny, thought-provoking, and awesome as your blog posts, but they're short! Me want more. :)

Oh no! I will miss you. I was on the IF roller coaster with you Julia, Julia, Tertia and others long, long ago and have been following ever since. Your writing is so good. How can I friend you on FB? I wish you the best, and again....I will miss you.

For FB purposes: My real name is Joanna Peery Polyn. There's only one person with that name in the world! :)

I want to respond to everybody but have to bake Sean his birthday cake now! I'll come back to talk some more in a bit.

Long time (since 05) reader here. Hoping for more! Best of luck with all!

Been reading since forever and have missed your voice. Will hope a drive by post if enough people tell you how effing awesome and brilliant you are!
(seriously- your writing is beyond "blogging" - there IS a difference)

Long time reader here. I will really miss you, but I totally understand. Thanks so much for writing and sharing everything with us.

Sigh. I understand. Don't LIKE it, but hey, that's my problem, not yours... Like many others, I have read for years. You are a brilliant writer and I will miss you. (look out for a FB request) Thank you for sharing. All the best!

My darling Jo, you are such a brilliant writer. It pains me that I will lose my daily (although at this point quarterly :) fix of you wit and wonder about the world. I recognize your personal evolution has taken you to a new realm of life, but you should know that your blog has changed how I operate in the cyber world. You inspired me to reach out to other women, people I didn't even know, for everything from crafting advice to scientific thought. I also feel closer to you than I ever did in our years living together. I love you and I thank you for sharing yourself. As you branch over to the medical world, don't forget that in my opinion, you are one of the best writers I have ever read.

Oh my god you guys are making me cry. For real.

This has been the place where I honed my writing -- and learned how to slap it up quick and dirty, too. There is just nothing like the instant feedback of the comments section -- and getting to know people, in little meaningful slices. I've softened in some ways and toughened in others, hearing what you all had to say about your own lives. I like to think I'm much less of an asshole these days thanks to all of you. (Nicole, you can probably vouch for that, having known me in my late teens/early 20's -- The Asshole Years!) I learned that I usually *don't* know the most about any given topic -- and that that's nothing to be ashamed of. I've gotten better at hearing other people.

Also, I am totally stunned at how many people are reading! Here's a promise: Next thing I do, be it print (why not go back to zines, huh?), web, or, I don't know, spoken word over interpretive glockenspiel -- I will make sure it goes up here (if you have a feed thingy just keep it on, I guess) and I will put it on Facebook too. There will be a next thing, someday -- I'm not sure what -- but there will be. Do you ever have these periods of life when it feels like all your energy is going to intake rather than output? That's where I am now. Someday I'll put out again. ;)

I'm going to friend you on Facebook, which I hope isn't weird, but I've been doing that more and more as bloggers I've read since the dark-and-twisty, "wild west" blogging years decide to stop writing. It would feel strange to lose touch with you, even though we don't know each other in real life. But I've been reading since '04! I chuckled to see another commenter reference the vagina posse. Oh, the memories of sitting in my lonely cubicle with a hand over my mouth, trying to contain my guffaws. Or quietly wiping away tears of sympathy. Anyway, you were one of my favorites and I'm so glad all of your dreams came true.

I will miss you, but I am so happy that your life is so full of joy

I'm so sad. I feel like I'm losing a friend.
I've been reading you & the Posse for so long - I know because after all of the years of IF I now have a 6 yr. old! You have given me so, so much. By letting me connect to your life, I think you helped me feel more connected to my own.

Thank you. I'll miss you.

Dear Jo, your writing helped me at a very bleak time in my life. Now I too have two little girls! Thank you. I hope we meet in Nashville someday.

I have also been a reader of you/Julia/Tertia since Back In The Day when I was going through IF. You're a tremendous, thoughtful writer, and I will miss taking a break in my day to read your blog! You and Oprah both signing off...what will I do? (HA!)

Good luck to you :)

"the indie zine-y world of blogs" yeah. Sigh. Thanks!

Thanking you officially here, just to let you know to how amazing you are and how much I've enjoyed reading your work. I mostly lurked, but checked in once a day since before either of us had children (my oldest turned six in April!) Thank you. For the laughs, the inspiration, the tears, the truth, the feeling that I was not alone, and the enjoyment of damned fine writing. I'm so glad I found your piece of the Internet so long ago.

Thank you for sharing so much. It has meant more than you know. Damn, I should have commented more...

Jo, I'll miss you. I kind of knew it was coming. Still, you and your family and life have become important to me over the years. Tell your wonderful biologist hubby that I'm one too (a biologist, not a hubby).

Good luck Jo!

Oh bummer, but I totally get everything you're saying. I've been reading here since before your kids were born, and reading many other similarly themed blogs, and yeah, the commodifying is a major turn off. I always appreciate bloggers like you who resist. We'll miss you but I understand why you're signing off.

Maura, he's actually a psychologist! Are you guys going to fight now? ;)

Thanks for all the years! I enjoyed it...

Good luck! We'll miss you.

Take care of yourself and your lovely family.

One more lurker coming out. I found your blog in 2006 when I was pregnant. Your blog and a few others made me realize babies are born and raised and most are no worse for the wear. Babies and kids are pretty tough.
I will miss your writings here. You truly did make me laugh out loud and cry sometimes, too.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Jo, you rock. You were the third blog I ever read (chez miscarriage, a little pregnant, and you. I've loved getting to know you and your family over the years. Thank you! Best of luck to you in the real world.

I've enjoyed your blog over the years. Always a reader those blogs played a big role in those years of my life. It would be lovely to see all that passion and focus of the vagina posse channeled into a new pursuit. but I get it. things change and people move on and branch out. I miss it though...

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