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January 21, 2012


Welcome back!

oh yay!

Glad you're back! I love your posts.xoxox

Welcome back!

Hooray!! "Leery Polyp" was one of the first blogs I ever read, back in the day. I'm so happy you're back!

Hooray! I am thrilled you are back.

Can I make up my own code name?

You GO. Oh wait, no, you stay. Good! :D

FB-size Jo posts just weren't doing it for me. I'm thrilled you've brought back the blog!

Yaaay, garbage heart header!

Yesssss! Welcome back Jo! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to.

Awe! Some!

Yay! Welcome back :D

glad your intake period is over. : )

It's really good to see you back, knew I was right not to remove the feed from my home page!

Wow, surprised & happy to see you back! I started running while you were gone too. Only 3-8 miles a week, but still.

Yay! I love it when you put out.

This is great! I've been enjoying your (neverending) updates on Facebook, but it seems weird to "friend" a blogger. I never comment because I don't actually know you and it just feels like the people commenting actually do know you, so I stay out of it. But HERE--I feel like it's totally cool for perfect strangers to get all into other people's business!


Welcome back. Your dreams are our ticket out.
(ID that for a prize, my dear, but the sentiment is true)
This is good news!

Amy, most of 'em *don't* know me in the traditional sense of the word! I'm okay with that though. :)

Youse guys, you are the everloving BEST.

Yay, I'm glad you are back.

And, selfishly, I am hoping you will fix the link to Sophia's birth story over there to the right. I want to read it...

Oh crap, is it taking you to that blogbar site? I can't figure out why those links don't work. The old Leery Polyp ones, I mean. Does everybody have that problem?

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! I kept scrolling by your name, just hoping...

Hooray! So glad you are back. Thank you! Thank you!

Welcome back!! :)

Yay! Thank you for coming back!


Hello again!

Amy...ROCK on! Good for you, girl! Can't wait to hear baout your time. Any chance you'll share what you leernad? I linked bact to your Twitter 101 ( 2 days ago, I think...) ...I told you I would! Hope you are well!

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