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January 31, 2012


I wish I could bounce around like I'm on club drugs. Damn.

Huh, that's some stuff for me to think about. I have almost zero progesterone, which is why I'm infertile. Also I am the slowest person on the planet to lose weight. I've been working with a trainer and exercising about 7 hours a week, running & swimming mostly for over 6 months and I've lost less than 20lbs. I'm stronger, but not that much thinner (I'm chubby). I've noticed in running that I fail my regular 3 mile runs the week I ovulate. It took several months of beating myself up before I figured it was happening the same part of the cycle. Now I cut myself some slack, swim more, bike, yoga, whatever. The week of my period and the week after is my best running times. I crave running then, must be all the 'club drugs'

Here's what I want to know: How on earth did you get to the point where you crave stuff that your body actually needs? Spill it, lady.

marmalade, that is INTERESTING!

Tine, the short answer is that I ate some version of low-carb or primal a lot of the time over the past eight or nine years, and finally got a lot better about it last spring. That and the intuitive eating thing together. I think it only really works if you do a long-lasting full sugar detox (or whatever the trigger foods are).

Long answer forthcoming in a big old post.

Can I learn about Primal somewhere without buying the book?


It's alllll in there.

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