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January 27, 2012


Ok. I see the appeal now.

PS- you are in some *awesome* shape, girlfriend ;)

Seriously, I show you my tits and nobody has anything to say? At least argue with me about how they're not as hot as I say they are. GOD.

And THANK YOU, Kateri.

I'm stunned silent by the hotness. Seriously. Hot.

Yep - very hot! I feel kind of sleazy saying that, but yay for loving your tits in their new shape. Hard working breasts indeed.

I *lurve* that bra. I've got some itty-bitties too, and I hate hate hate most bras. They're always scratchy or pokey or just don't fit right. And it's hard to find pretty, comfy ones without underwire that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Please tell me you got that at Target!

Nordstrom; sorry. ;) It was indeed a big deal purchase.

I knew it. (*pout*)

Okay, THOSE are not pancake tits, my friend. Those still look like a handful & a half. MINE are pancakes. Little silver dollar pancakes. Do I have to post a picture for comparison? Sheesh. ;)

But wow, the bra. Wow.

Ah, but uncontained they relax to their full flapjack state. That little bralette is doing more than you think it is.

These bras are very comfortable, I used only these bras in my daily life.

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