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January 24, 2012


I mean, how does one get Play Doh up before it's dry, anyway? I swear everything I've tried only makes it worse.

Please tell me the police story.

Ah, Brooke, it's much funnier if I *don't* -- see, I forgot our contractor was coming over (he has a key and lets himself in), and I set the alarm before heading out to physical therapy. So he shows up, comes in, alarm goes off. I get a frantic phone call from our wonderful neighbor, who knows both our alarm code AND our awesome contractor, so I ask her to turn it off. She does, but the alarm company sends the cops out anyway. Two come by, chat with the contractor, and leave. Then another one comes by, verifies that the contractor has already spoken with other cops -- and then Contractor realizes that he is now putting his weapon back in its holster! Like, he'd had it ready to go all along!

dude, i was not aware you had a mellow to be harshed.


...yeah, I guess you're right.

yikes... the cops part is not fun.



You'll show us many photos of the new bathroom, won't you? Please? :)

Your links to the Leery Polyp and Sophia's birth story are broken. I guess that means I have to go back in the lab or read a science-y paper. Damn you. ;)

I knew you had a bunch of pent-up shit you were waiting to blow out here. Kewl.

Oh my god you are hilarious. I didn't know how much I missed you until I read about the left-out lube and the left-out play-doh.

Aw. Thanks. :)

Is this a bathroom with a force field, so your kids can't knock on the door during Mommy's Alone Time?

I'm sure the contractors are impressed by the lube.

How I wish.

I mean about the forcefield, not the contractors.

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