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February 24, 2012


Ok, so I work full-time, my son is 3.5, and I'm in grad school. Meanwhile I sit on a local healthcare board, I am learning the ukelele, for a bit I was on the library board, and my family lives 800 miles away so I travel back and forth with some regularity.

Most important thing - know 2 or 3 things that keep you healthy and guard them fiercely. For me, my vitamin trifecta and my sleep are untouchable. If I mess with those the whole shebang crumbles so I do NOT mess with them. Make sure you know in these 5 months what you are going to need to protect to keep moving.

Also, being effective is better than being ineffective and repetative. Give yourself an hour to do that thing and.then.stop. When the warm day and the kids call to you more than pharm memorization give yourself the time to throw yourself into the day and the kids instead of sitting outside with them and [email protected] both parts.

Congratulations! It'll be great.

oh, lovely lovely questions!

I don't really know how to answer, except to share tidbits about my life... the past 16 years of the total 40, that is...

I knew we were going to go for HUGE change...
(Hey!! I know the answer to the first question, but I'll keep on rambling, is that OK? I should probably make this into a blog post later)
... after we got married back in 1994. A year and a half later we sold most of our things, put the rest in storage and came from Brazil to the U.S. of A.

a year later K was going to graduate school and I was enrolling as special student & 2 years later was admitted. 4 years into that, I HAD to have a baby and the other one happened 2 years later. Moving to philly with a newborn followed, and it took me two more years to finish the phd (2008). but it was not until 2010 that life really started for us -- when K got a TT job & I started teaching again.

And the answer to your question is?

I write on my various journals and I re-read them. Often. It's a DEEP need that I have which constantly reminds me of who I really am and who I thought I was going to be and what I am now. I feel grounded, I feel strong and I see how bad things turned out OK in the end. Lately I've been starting to re-read blog posts too. Of course writing on paper is nicer to read.

So, yeah... I guess that answers part of your inquisitiveness here.

ENJOY your five months of awesome!!!! I really really really wanted to go visit my aunt in TN so I could see you before you turn into a "very serious nursing student" (blah... you won't change that much, will you?). OK, have to go clean my house and cook soup.

YES!!!! Oh, no doubt it's going to be hectic, but Heather has the right take on it - give yourself permission to breathe deeply and be in the moment, whether it's a 5-minute music break, and hour with the kids or a half-day catching up on life. You'll make it and we'll be here cheering!

Awesome, many congratulations!!!!

My main piece of advice is learn to be flexible. Your life is going to be a tackled semester by semester, week by week between assignments and clinical rotations, and when it gets really hard hour by hour between exams. And don't expect to cram in all the expectation for your life in the next 5 months. Relax, enjoy your kiddos and get prepped for the craziness. Cook some meals for the freezer, exercise, talk with your husband A LOT (I really missed just chatting with my husband in the evenings, he was always studying), and put together a schedule for how you plan to get all the home duties done between the 2 of you when you're completely booked with coursework.

My only personal piece of advice as a working mom of 1 and wife to a full-time student nurse/PCA for the last 4 years is to get enough sleep. I can handle anything as long as I've had a good solid 7 hours. Anything less and bumps in the road start to feel overwhelming.

Oh gosh, I never get back on track because I go into horrible denial and everything goes totally awry before I notice.

Yoga though--yoga helps somehow with this problem.

I would basically just blow off everything but work and quality time with your kids. That's how I manage. The house is messy and insane. I take days off on the weekends when I should work and they are WONDERFUL.

Then my life goes to hell completely from that...

Congrats about the nursing school! :)

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