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February 05, 2012


I'm doin' it wrong. All wrong. Maybe I can fix my colossal eff-up when we get to puberty. ;)

I taught kindergarten in Japan for a spell, and was amazed at how a clique of 5-year-old girls could freeze out the one girl they were mad at.

That is some untapped power! Which I think we should channel directly into padded shoulders and executive status at an investment firm.

Is our generation conflicted about feminism, do you think? Are high heels the new foot-binding? Am I way off point of the original point of your post? Possibly. Coffee just kicked in.

Curious to know what sparked this for you, though.

Boys are kind of gross, and smelly ;) And they can't aim for shit.

This post really cracked me up for some reason. Probably because I have twin 6 year old boys and a 3 year old daughter. The poor girl can't decide whether to wear her favorite rock star hand me down clothes from her brothers, or her favorite pink lady bug shirt. :) And she prefers the Toy Story pull ups, but she's going to wear the cheapest ones they got in the store. All I can say is, girls are lucky because they have choices. They can wear pink and still be a rock star. And my daughter can wear her brothers' hand me downs and nobody looks twice. But G-d forbid that one of my sons loves pink and tells me he wants to grow a hair bun like mommy. Personally, I think it's harder to raise boys to be good men than it is to raise girls to be good women. Because that is what it really comes down to to me, raising good people.

I want advice on how to raise my son without my in-laws forcing their "boys play soccer and baseball and never wear pink and never show emotion and can we take your son to the monster truck rally?" mentality down his throat. They haven't said anything yet, but the air is thick with it. I mentioned Henry taking ballet classes when he gets older (only if he wants to) and they looked at me like I had an arm growing out of my head.

So tomboys are kinda cute (as long as they outgrow the butch by high school) but sensitive boys get the side-eye. I know this all comes back to the idea that masculine qualities are seen as superior to feminine...but that's another can of headache I can't take on right now.

Oh, everybody gets screwed by gender norms!

I am speaking only for myself here, but I have been delighted to find that a lot of the things I was afraid would be a problem over the years have turned out not to be such a big deal in practice. Unless your in-laws will be doing the majority of the child care, their opinions may be as temporary and minor (and as annoying) as the buzz of a mosquito in the ear...here's hoping, anyway.

Robin, as to what sparked this post -- I really just wanted a reason to use that 88 Lines joke.

I mean, come on, right?

I can't wait till than I have a few people I want to iivnte so if there is limited space please let me know and is there going to be a cost or do we need to bring something with us?

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