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February 28, 2012


I want you to be my mom.

That is truly awesome!

I lurve this story. I don't think either of my kids would ever do that!

I'm a teacher and I approve this turd!

Naaah, no need to fret over the proper designation. Sending your daughter to school with a realistic-looking turd roll does, in fact, qualify you for "coolest friggin mom, holy crap, SERIOUSLY!"

I just amazed you're allowed to send nut butter in to school.

That is, without question, the most disgusting lunch item I have ever seen. You actually made my stomach heave.

Well Done.

I've been wondering all day how this went over. Update?

The update:

"Some of the kids thought it was funny."

First graders are crappy reporters.

She did eat most of it. What remained sort of melted down into a brown scudge on the bottom of the container -- and it was legitimately disgusting, as I knew that a first-grader had been playing with it like play-doh with her gross little fingers. So I didn't eat it.

The end.


Oh my, my, my. I LOVE YOU. You are the best mother ever!!!

Wow. I bow in awe.

My daughter would absolutely consider this. She's now going through a phase of 'only good attention' though so I'm not sure what kind of attention being 'the girl who ate poop is.'

It's badass though, that's for sure. What a bad ass kid you've got there.

I think that the part that I found most amazing was that your child will eat a nut butter. Mine only eats white food.

Oh, and the part where you are both hilarious. Well played!

Gagged at the pic, laughed at the post. I love the Lunch Turd.

That is awesome. Made me spit out my drink.

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