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February 14, 2012


I am clearly relieved after reading the post. I thought you would have news about your acceptance or not into nursing. and maybe it was bad news. :( phew!!

I'm sorry about the upcoming illness. (and I apologize in advance for the HUGE comment) Now, I totally 100% agree with you about the sugar & the immune system, but I have a question for the future nurse, do you have any references (articles & stuff) to give about that? It's not even for me, it's for a friend of mine, a pre-med student, health conscious, etc. who was *EXTREMELY* frustrated when a doctor she was shadowing one day was mad at her for not accepting a candy bar and justifying it by saying she was getting a cold & didn't want to compromise her immune system. Then the doctor said it was just carbohydrates, energy, whatever, that there was no connection whatsoever & my friend was flabbergasted (who was she to argue with a [CLUELESS] M.D.?).

YOU'RE BACK!!!! Oh Hurrah!!!! Please, ramble on. School, kids, periods, I don't care. I follow some bloggers because they are in crisis and I want to know what is happening and keep them in my prayers. Others I follow because they are so darned funny. And then there are a couple, and you are one, who are just such great writers, that I love the words, love the way you bring me your life and ask me to see the world through your eyes. All my fingers and toes are crossed that you get into school and that you'll find a few minutes to let us know what it is like and where you go with this new creativity.

I meant to comment after the post about the thin mint film short. I love it. I'd love to see it for real. I know I'm sick, but it would be so awesome.

Hee, Melissa. And thanks, Jeanette! eek!

I meant to comment after the post about the thin mint film short. I love it. Id love to see it for real. I know Im sick, but it would be so awesome.

Writing a game is a new arena for me, but I'm trying to not treat it any differently than I would a comic. The objective is to write a fun story with plenty of twists and loops, which resolves each of the character's threads and brings an overall conclusion for our (anti)hero. The only difference in a game, as far as my approach is concerned, is that we'll actually be interacting with this story in a way i've never had the opportunity to try before, so the story needs to have its pieces hidden and interwoven in a way that'll hopefully be intuitive to progress through. THAT'S THE THEORY. To be honest, I'm just having fun.

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